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  1. mondone

    Gas Prices

    VIP Sonoyta was $4.08/gal this morning.
  2. mondone

    Some thoughts on Puerto Penasco.

    Ditto on all except for the Capones part!
  3. mondone

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Why do they call these yellow forked-tailed fish pompano down here? They are leatherjackets, hardly a pompano. Whole different fish.
  4. mondone

    Gas Prices

    Pemex on the shortcut yesterday offering $16.80 to dollar. My Fidelity Visa converted at $17.55 to dollar for the purchase.
  5. mondone

    Gas Prices

    Pemex on the Sonoyta shortcut this morning- $4.07/gal. Why Texaco $4.79
  6. mondone

    Suggestions for getting quad down to RP

    Call Aron Brown, he can get it done. +52 636 110 0850
  7. mondone

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    For me down here, It's a 4"8" GX2 Ugly Stik U-L rod (2-6 lb line) with an Ardent Arrow 2000 reel.
  8. mondone

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Caught several big corvina 2 days ago at Estero Morua. Largest was 6.6 lbs at 29". Some nice fish, all on ultra-light tackle.
  9. mondone

    Propane $$

    How's the ZaGas propane price these days? I have 1000L tank that is down to about 30 and wondering if it may be a good time to add some more to the tank next time they drive by if price is decent right now.
  10. mondone

    "Chocolate" car regularization program

    Looked into importing my 88 Nissan Pathfinder a few years ago and was told it did not qualify. Lol, it's Asian vehicle but riveted plaque on door sill states "Built in Mexico"!
  11. mondone

    "Chocolate" car regularization program

    Why would you need this plate as a permanent resident if you are going to stay in the free-zone? I don't understand it's purpose.
  12. mondone

    Gas can / tank

    Gas was $4 a gallon yesterday at Sonoyta VIP when I filled up.
  13. mondone

    Has anybody had any issues crossing Lukeville?

    Crossed Monday morning at 6:20AM. Town was quiet and no issues. Didn't even see any police vehicles at all.
  14. mondone

    Shock and loss.

    I'm at a loss for words to hear this news. Our deepest condolences from the Mondone family.
  15. mondone

    LONG Day!

    Another one……
  16. mondone

    Big Solar event today

    Mexico: New $1.6B solar project to power 500K homes | CTV News
  17. mondone

    Getting FMM to travel to Baja

    Incorrect. Free zone applies to vehicles only, as in no importation permit required.
  18. mondone

    Giant Solar project , El Homeport back from the dead and a 4 lane toll road to the border!
  19. mondone

    Giant Solar project , El Homeport back from the dead and a 4 lane toll road to the border!

    Sonora solar plant's transmission line gets environmental approval (
  20. mondone

    Modernist Dwell style Santo Tomas house for sale

    My bill for Encanto beachfront before discounts: 2022-$2,154.10 pesos 2023-$14,995.72 pesos Way to screw the gringos usted cabrones! Can't wait to see what the Federal Zone tax will be this year bolsas de escorias. :moonie: