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    Barb’s Dog Rescue trouble

    Aren’t you the brilliant promoter of the Covid vaccine, we’re part of the test trial, that Pfizer covered up, the vaccine that didn’t work and harmed millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands of people? Aren’t you the brilliant person that called people that didn’t get the vaccine...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?
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    Why is our Border wide open ?
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    What does your bringing up Jesus have to do with anything ? Strange what is horse paste ? are you losing your mind, or do you not have any rebuttals to what I have posted ? you are starting to sound more & more like your lover, Joe Biden , every time you post
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Fascinating ?? Nice description of people who are not only suffering immensely, but are being lured / sold by cartel messaging to come to the Biden OPEN BORDER ! 
you lefties will believe anything the main stream media throws at you. Come on now Jerry, you’re a pretty smart guy, but you...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    who gives a crap what freaking nationality they are , they are coming from 160 + different countries. - 2000 in one day in the Tucson sector is a lot. 9000 per day on the southern border. 230k per month on average. That’s the approximate equivalent of 3 new Flagstaff’s every month...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    what does that even mean ? ?
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Why have we allowed 8 MILLION illegals to cross in the last 3 years ? Why did we mandate vaccination in certain states, airlines, schools , military, etc, etc and these 8 million ILLEGALS were welcomed into our country without being vaccinated ? Anybody have a good answer ? This was over the...
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    The great thing about Covid, and the pandemic, is that people who claimed to be brilliant, and claimed their narcissistic “scientific” egos knew everything , and had to say what their background was, people like Fauci, they got hammered and lost all credibility. They were WRONG about vaccine...
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    thank you
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    Hi Joan, thank you for the picture. Any other commentary of damage, impact ? Can’t quite make out what the picture is showing. any reports from Las Conchas ? thank you
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    Chinese Fentanyl Killing Everything In Its Path

    I got a new set of PXG irons, a Dell laptop, and an Evinrude outboard motor for my skateboard. That is literally how you sound JJ , changing topics and conversations like a dude with montezumas, changes his underwear.
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    Chinese Fentanyl Killing Everything In Its Path

    Damn, this is one of those times that I would love to hear Stu give you a smack-down, you self-righteous, arrogant, know nothing-all, piece of poo Not everyone is perfect like you JJ, people have challenges and make mistakes. Just because you haven’t ever made a mistake , doesn’t give you the...
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    Our Amigo Stuart

    Have been off and on the forum, mostly off the past month or so, but check in from time to time and totally missed this post. Completely shocked hearing this news, especially how sudden. Stu and I had an off-line conversation in the last couple months that now means a lot to me, he was such a...
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    Friday At 5 pm will give it a go.

    Has anyone reached out to Stuart or Tyler to find out what is going on with not being able to post pictures ? If so, what did they say ?
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    Target Insolvency

    you are one rude individual to Joan who cares ? How about pensioners who have Target and North face and Anheuser-Busch (soon to be Kohl’s) and other woke companies in their portfolios and are getting crushed. How about middle America who has all those companies who are getting crushed in their...
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    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    How come they call it Rocky Point when it should be Rocky Port ? Whole different city.
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    Bud Light/Tranny Fluid

    are you questioning the veracity of what I am saying, or are you trying to be funny?