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  1. mondone

    Refrigerator in RP

    We purchased a stainless steel GE Profile bottom freezer unit from Muebles Coloniales about 3 years ago and LOVE it!
  2. mondone

    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    Las Palomas relaunches Phase 3
  3. mondone

    Buying a Car how easy

    You will only need a Mexican plated vehicle as a perm. resident if you wish to drive outside of the hassle-free zone.
  4. mondone


    Got a bunch from Fruteria Sinaloa and they were fabulous last night.
  5. mondone

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85
  6. mondone

    Paying taxes 2019

    Yep, same here. In and out early Friday morning in about 15 minutes.
  7. mondone

    Canary Islands

  8. mondone

    Retainer Wall Blocks

    Ismael Murrieta 6381105190
  9. mondone

    Shrimp Tacos

    Mariscos El Conchal Address: Juárez Blvd.(Main St.)Phone: (638) 383-8173
  10. mondone

    Las Perlas?

    Its was called St. Johns Bay I believe.
  11. mondone

    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    Rest in Peace Sonoran Goddess
  12. mondone

    Shrimp Prices

    Actually Federico didn't retire, he just moved from the malecon to a spot on Constitucion many years ago. His brother is still on the malecon in the "Mr. Shrimp" bay. Federico mostly has locals and some restaurants as clientele now, so his stuff is usually always fresh. But I too prefer Sea...
  13. mondone


    Corvina and halibut starting to show again in the mouths of estuaries past weekend.
  14. mondone

    Is the road to Luna Blanco, and Encanto Living open?

    I also had that thought the other day. Probably not cost effective due to the inconsistency of the flow.
  15. mondone

    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Yep, I don't use them over the Encanto reef because of the triggers ripping them apart, but in the estuary for corvina and halibut they are great.
  16. mondone

    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Ditto, except I've done better with this Z-man combo over the Kastmaster's:
  17. mondone

    The peninsula that turned into an island

    Boat will work.
  18. mondone

    Shrimp Prices

    That's crazy. Occasionally I'll have Federico on Constituccion clean them for me and never an extra charge.
  19. mondone


    Very fortunate to get out yesterday before the Encanto road was going to be compromised again. The river at the bridge in Nayarit as we were heading back to the border was raging heading to the estuaries.
  20. mondone


    Encanto was very fortunate, barely a trace. Anything more would have been devastating. Encanto was very fortunate, barely a trace. Anything more would have been devastating. We did get a little bit (0.05") this morning.