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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    Yeah, he was a fun guy
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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    What is wrong with you people?
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    Car rental

    We did Hertz once. We independently bought a Mexican auto policy. it was expensive but we needed a bigger model well worth the cost for the convenience
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    Rocky Point water situation

    No, still a crap shoot in Las Conchas. now we are getting worried about the water quality. Our whole family got a stomach bug saturday. dont know if it was water at the house, from one of the restaurants or bars but we are tightening up our cleaning and hand washing. We ran out on sunday...
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    Summer fishing

    Good job! What time? We were there last saturday and were only able to catch slimy seaweed with every cast
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    just got an update on our place in section 5, all good. Our manager reports storm was nowhere near as bad as the last hurricane that eastern end has had some of the biggest storm problems over the last few years so maybe most are in good shape
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    Summer fishing

    Jim, can you fish around Isla San Jorge? i thought there was a designated sanctuary for the sea lions and birds
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    Desal last minute push by Dougie

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    Desal last minute push by Dougie

    You can delete your account or log out and never log back in
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    Shock and loss.

    Oh nooooooo, what happened? Cant find anything :-(
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    Has anybody had any issues crossing Lukeville?

    We go down every 8 weeks. Never had a problem except for an expired registration on a 4x4. We went back around, pulled up ServiceArizona on the web and got a current copy. Drove back through. I didn't have a hard copy but the officer looked at the image on my phone. We introduce them to our...
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    Surfcast puerto penasco

    The last hurricane event severly eroded the few pedestrian acess points on the east end of Las Conchas. Where there used to be foot trails between some houses, there are 15ft cliffs of eroded dunes. Some of the locations next to vacant lots are being used to bury some of the sea wall debris...
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    Big Solar event today
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    Gas Prices

    $4.15 in Ajo yesterday
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    Is there a beer shortage?
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    Rocky Point water situation

    We had a big crowd at Las Conchas last weekend. We flushed out way out of 2 tanks of water! Little if no supply coming in from the City/HOA. Had to haul in. Im just wondering about the overall availability or if the City is just messing with Las Conchas for our portion.
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    Rocky Point water situation

    Anyone have insight into the potable water situation? I understand the whole colorado river basin is drying up...following all that Where does PP get their water? Jungle Jim, i appreciate your knowledge on flora and fauna. Any insight into aquifers and such in PP? it seems someone ran some...
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    NEW Jan 2022 - Can I get back in the US without a Passport?

    I "ignored" Queen of Kings about a year ago. It's been fabulous. One of the favorite sayings I've carried forward for years: When you wrestle with a pig, you learn 2 things. First - you both get really dirty 2nd - the pig likes it Ignore the pigs
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    What to expect? Or buy before I get there!

    i can send you a guide to close shore reef fishing for triggers and cabrillas. We love it. Even include a recipe for trigger fish cakes. Yummy Send me your email
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    i understood one could spear fish but only free diving. no scuba