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  1. Tmecke

    Friday At 5 pm will give it a go.

    Why is that? I fish salt and fresh, mostly fresh the last 30 years or so. Based on my experiences fresh water is much more demanding than salt water fishing. I have never been skunked surf fishing in Mexico but have been skunked many times fishing for LMB, Walleye, trout and other fresh water...
  2. Tmecke

    Friday At 5 pm will give it a go.

  3. Tmecke

    Friday At 5 pm will give it a go.

    Looks like my membership is still active. It would be great if this forum could focus on everything PP and surrounding communities. Probably not going to happen. Anways. I'm heading down in a few days. Just like every trip, I will be fishing pretty hard every day. I will post fishing reports...
  4. Tmecke

    Desal last minute push by Dougie

    Who's the moron that let this commie, cartel loving syco back on this forum? Time to shut it down and start all over again. Who ever is running this shit show, please delete my account.
  5. Tmecke

    Bud Light/Tranny Fluid

    Unfortunately gluten reeks havoc on my body now. My favorite beer was Bass ale.
  6. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    I'll pass on the bud light. Got the Gluten flu. I miss fresh lard loaded flower tortillas more than anything.
  7. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    I kept one of the larger ones today. Getting ready to fillet it right now plus 20 other fish.
  8. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Lizard fish? Why I'm catching all these so called Lizard fish? New to me.
  9. Tmecke

    Gas Prices

    What? The value of the US monopoly money is dropping? I wounder why.
  10. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Hey mondone, what's your definition of ultra-light down here?
  11. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Haven't fished the estuaries yet, but fishing is good in Las Conchas. Some good Corvina and some big fat Leather jackets. I also caught a California Corbina and some fish I have never seen before. I did catch a Sierra Mackerel, believe it or not.(I have photos). At high tide while wading in...
  12. Tmecke

    Trip report 4/27 to 5/02

    Thanks for the report. Heading down Friday morning for 8 days, mostly surf fishing somewhere between Las Conchas and La Pinta. Hoping the flat fish are still in the area. No pics...never happened, so they say. Like this forum never happened. ;
  13. Tmecke

    Driving at night

    Afraid of death by torture legal institutions.
  14. Tmecke

    Driving at night

    Side note? Really? More like a train derailment.
  15. Tmecke

    Driving at night

    The so called ugly Americans aren't looking so ugly now.
  16. Tmecke

    Penasco's Drag Queens Are Relatively Docile

    I think most poeple don't care if adults want to do the trans life . It's the sexuallizing of children the trans community is pushing right now that is disturbing to most poeple. Peto paradise!
  17. Tmecke

    Internet cafe in RP?

  18. Tmecke

    Foreign Terrorists in Mexico

    Yeah I had planned on heading down there in May for an 8 day trip. Maybe I'll head over to L.A. instead.
  19. Tmecke


    Antonio and Marcos? 638 380 4950
  20. Tmecke

    Patio Furniture