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    Mystery train project

    Interesting. I’ve always wondered where the trains we hear going through town in PP are going to?
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    Tool stores

    We’ve bought a few tools at the Segundas. Power saw, shop vacs etc. reasonably priced and good shape. There a couple on the corner A couple blocks east of Sams on BJ
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    Charter to San Felipe.

    Have heard but can’t remember where that someone was running an overnight boat charter to San Felipe. Anyone have any info on this? Tia, Randy
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    Rosie Glover

    I still use Proalliance. Never had to claim anything but they have always been right on top of getting the paper work. Hopefully I never need to find out if I need them!
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    Found White Claws assorted flavors.
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    Mucho gracias. Actually found some at an oxxo on BJ today
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    Down here with a friend thats not a big beer drinker. She likes seltzers like white claws and vizzys. Any one know where to buy some? Tia
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    Barb’s Dog Rescue trouble

    I have a tough time with FB also. Seems so scattered and a lot of people posting wrong stuff on purpose for what reason I know not.
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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    Lol does anyone remember the bricks in the purses behind Gua’s Gua’s!
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    Car rental

    Coming down Thursday and need a car. Looking at Phoenix car rental for cost and they allow going into RP but see a lot of bad reviews. Anyone have experience with Phoenix Car Rental? Tia
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    Rocky Point water situation

    Has anyone used a UV sanitizing system? Seems like using UV to fill a tank and then throwing in a chlorine tablet just for good measure might work.
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    Didn’t realize it was a video . Looks bad
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    Anyone know how Princesa and Las Palmas fared? Those 2 seem more concrete and block constructio.
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    Yike, doesn’t look structura. More a shade awning?
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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements? Let’s Hope!
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    Kinda a cool idea
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    What is a swimply?
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    Barb’s Dog Rescue

    Before we had ever been to PP we checked out San Felipe bout 14 yrs ago. Patty bought up all the hotdogs at the market and had us drive around throwing them out to the ferals til the police stopped us and said it was illegal to feed the ferals!
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    Barb’s Dog Rescue

    What a great lady. Rest In Peace.