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    Fake News, Fake News ! What You Think !

    Was at the station, gas, was a couple from California, told us that they already bought tickets for a cruise and were on their way to rocky point to look things over and to get information and numbers for hotels so as to be able to reserve rooms tor them and six others, I ask when is the "ship"...
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    I have been a looker, lurker, for a very long time, yrs. before I finally decided to join couple weeks ago, I must say I do agree with the last three posts 100% , in that all the banning that has taken place over the yrs. it just leaves a BAD taste with me, we have watched as a LOT of good...
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    Gofundme to purchase student books in Spanish ?.

    We have been looking for a dictionary ( large print where we don't have to strain eyes to read ! ) Spanish to English or visa versa for awhile now, can't find one, anyone have any ideas, ?
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    Tourist dies in rent a Rhino off road vehicle accident

    I'm going back maybe 15 years ago, a friend and his friend were having a good time drinking and driving their quads when his friend, a beer in his hand, plowed into him, end of my friend, died in hospital a very short time later, Calle 13 !
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    Join our facebook group!

    Thankyou for the welcome Roberto, I've been in the back ground for awhile watching wondering if I would be attacked for being a newbe as others have been, but I've seen that it's not as bad as it once was.
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    Join our facebook group!

    Very well said ! :noprob:
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    Border wait time

    Arrived at border at nine pm last night no waiting, went right through to Rocky Point first thing we accomplished was to have a Sol or two, what a life it is down here