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  1. dirtsurfer

    Refrigerator in RP

    I hate to sound like a newbie but I rarely go to town. Can you tell me if it is possible to purchase a new nice, modern, stainless refrigerator in RP? I could bring one down, pay the impuestos and get by but I would rather purchase it in RP if possible.
  2. dirtsurfer

    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    "The vast majority of the risk is the drive" I have been saying this for many years!
  3. dirtsurfer

    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    Roberto: I have always told people that the Americanos are the most dangerous beast in Mexico due to the crazy drinking and terrible driving habits.
  4. dirtsurfer

    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    I crossed back in to the U.S. on Monday the 15th, had about a 40 minute wait which surprised me this being a Monday. I read the reports about !00,000+ people are coming to PP for Easter. I cannot even imagine how the Mecicans with only two lanes headed South will deal with this mass of people...
  5. dirtsurfer

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85

    Please state your math (which is most likely incorrect) and your point of origin.
  6. dirtsurfer

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85

    You are not even close and good luck driving that fast in the states. I was pulled over last month and given a warning ticket for driving 69MPH in a 65MPH zone. All of the speeding and "time saving" I may have done on ALL of the previous trips during the past 12 months was eaten up in the 49...
  7. dirtsurfer

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85

    I have a power woman friend who dries 90 everywhere she goes on the highway-completely oblivious to the danger and cocksure ignorant about her skills or the situations she puts everyone in. I have told her that we will no longer ride with her as a driver. One more thing, I taught my boys they...
  8. dirtsurfer

    Huge loads of “stuff” on pickups headed to Mexico.

    I have seen these trucks with their loads at the border and they do not seem to be ripped apart or unloaded.To me, it looks like a good way to smuggle things in to Mexico but I am just a token observer.
  9. dirtsurfer

    Huge loads of “stuff” on pickups headed to Mexico.

    Today I counted eight trucks stacked and loaded with every used garage sale item imaginable headed south to the border. How do these people get a load like this across the border?
  10. dirtsurfer

    Cholla Bay blackout

    I still run solar in Miramar and always will.
  11. dirtsurfer

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85

    At only 50MPH if something happens-a blowout, swerving to miss something, sudden are not going to recover. Every mile an hour faster increases the odds of death & dismemberment. It usually is the cocksure ignorant who are driving fast and passing.
  12. dirtsurfer

    Paying taxes 2019

    I just had the best experience ever in any Municipal office-Mexican or American. The tax office in Penasco had two interpreters who guided me perfectly, the clerks were great and the the entire time spent in the building was less than 10 minutes. Yippee! What is usually a PITA turned out to be a...
  13. dirtsurfer

    Net metering in Mexico

    Thank you, if you are getting credits then you are essentially selling your power. I would like to know what the rate the electrical company purchases the power (or the amount of the credit) you receive are vs. the rate the electrical company sells your power to the next customer for.
  14. dirtsurfer

    Net metering in Mexico

    Do any of you who have converted from solar to the city power have any experience with selling your solar power back into the grid?
  15. dirtsurfer

    Remember to pay your property tax

    I love this and wonder why other governments and organizations have not adopted it.
  16. dirtsurfer

    What are the chances the Gov't will close Lukeville?

    “The one armed guy”. I have seen this guy at the border for 30+ years, he at one time washed windows and had a bicycle with a cut off 2 liter soda bottle screwed to one side of the handlebars so he could use his stump to control the bars.
  17. dirtsurfer

    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    Most new immigrant populations coming to the U.S. Have been vilified be they Irish, Italian, Polish...........the difference is in following the law or breaking the law and admittedly our immigration laws require a lot of work to clean them up. Remember that the U.S. , despite the negative image...
  18. dirtsurfer

    New Penasco airport or Mayan airport

    Does anyone know of this airport being used? I have ye to see a plane fly in nad the security guards are pretty stern about letting me drive Dow the road so I can get a look. It seems a Ike a massive investment to just be sitting there.
  19. dirtsurfer

    Mayan Palace

    I’m surprised the Mayan owners and Penasco politicos have not solved this problem. The Mayan has got to be losing a ton of business.
  20. dirtsurfer

    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    Hey, I recently talked a “friend” into letting me pee on his sting ray wound, best pimp ever :)