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    Join our facebook group!

    Most of those trolls have been banned.
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    Tourist dies in rent a Rhino off road vehicle accident

    Aint alcohol in the hands of idiots great?
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    No Alcohol

    Did the cruise port open early in Cholla?
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    Refrigerator in RP

    Sam's usually has a few. Also Muebles Coloniales near Ley's on Constitution has a nice selection of 'American' fridges. Got a nice stainless steel Samsung from Sam's a couple years ago. Free delivery.
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    No Alcohol

    Nothing like celebrating the resurrection of Christ like getting blind drunk and littering the beach with broken bottles, dirty diapers and other garbage....
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    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    We simply do not go near PP during Easter week. We have about a 2 week period when we absolutely stay up North. The traffic, noise, people, chaos etc is simply not worth it.
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    I have been on many cruises and this ship looks like something from the 80's. I guess its a start.
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    Good to know.
  9. Q they come!

    Been in Rocky Point for Semana Santa. It's not fun. Never again.
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    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    The noise, people and traffic are horrible. We leave town for the entire month of March. Drunk idiots everywhere.
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    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    Giant open lot next to Pinacate.
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    Remember to pay your property tax

    I would guess first world countries don't adopt this because if you don't pay they place a lien on your property and eventually just take your house or get their lien money when the property sells. In places like Mexico I would think a foreclosure on a shanty would cost more than it was worth...
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    Lost Dog in Los Conchas

    Best Christmas present ever! Your health and your pets are to be cherished.
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    Lost Dog in Los Conchas

    Hope you get your pupper back. Will keep an eye out.
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    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    You are late to the party. Reported on these boards a few days ago.
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    I am sure the local police are on it.............
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    Yes, gotta love walls and how effective they are.
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    Tijuana already packed. The port of entry is only processing 100 asylum applications per day. Dunno if that is by design or they can't handle more than that. Estimates say those already in town waiting have at least a 6 month backlog.
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    Taxi Fares

    Negotiable. Start with 5 bucks and barter your way up.
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    border crossing over Thanksgiving?

    And if you do run into them, stop and give them the bird.....