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    First place to eat in town

    Thank you!
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    First place to eat in town

    Miramar which one west of Ace? Does it have a name we are headed down for the 1st time in 3 years. Thank you
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    When owning a condo in Rocky Point, who do you pay taxes on income to?

    None for this gringo....... I only rent to my family and close friends....the type that come to my house alot.
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    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    Do they sell good Mexican food in Rocky Point? Can I use American money anywhere? Do I need to learn Russian to communicate in Rocky Point etc....
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    Watch out you speed demons

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    Watching World Cup Matches

    My experience with the last world cup was that nothing is more important than a Mexico world cup game. Most places will be open as the games draw big crowds.
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    Looking for non-alcohol beer and cigars.....

    I agree with Roberto we got NA beer at Sams last year. FYI there are no real Cuban Cohibas in Rocky Point we went with a friend who owns a high end cigar shop in Miami.....we looked everywhere and saw nothing but counterfeits. Good luck
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    New Warning re Speeding to Rocky Pt.

    Thank you for the update Jerry.
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    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    Sandy Beach Resort I believe.....
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    Spring Break figures set records

    Thanks Jungle Jim for a reminder we are not infallible.
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    Jeep....many of you will cry

    Thank you Jim for the history lesson as a proud Jeep owner/fan I had no idea about this part of it's proud heritage. I now look at the original article in a different light. Closer to an original Jeep than the modern version I tool around Scottsdale in.
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    Handgun in PP

    Just crossed back into the USA about 90 minutes ago. When we stopped in Gila Bend my buddy popped open a console under his arm rest area and removed the 2 handguns he had concealed under there. I asked him "what the heck" he said he forgot them going in Friday afternoon and just thought it was...
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    Phoenix Magazine Rocky Waters by Loren Loftus

    We lived in Coconut Grove Fl, (suburb of Miami) and spent a ton of time on South Beach and Key West and will gladly go to Puerto Penasco anytime over any other beach in North America. Beautiful people, food and beaches. Spent time in the Dominican Republic at a snotty 5 Diamond resort for...
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    Wine is healthy

    I think you will survive as this might have been done one or two times before by a member of my family this week. They are still on the green side of the grass and pains in the wazoo. Drink some water and perhaps a cerveza preparada or michelada the next day.
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    Directions to Mexicali Home Depot,+CA/The+Home+Depot+M%C3%A9xico,+Bv.+B%C3%A9nito+Ju%C3%A1rez+2398,+S%C3%A1nchez+Taboada,+21370+Mexicali,+B.C.,+Mexico/@32.6480322,-115.5049339,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80d765d2aacf9b05:0x5e4e302c616fb897!2m2!1d-115.4988834!2d32.6789476!1m5!1m...
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    Ex RP Forum Member advisor to Trump ????

    Naaa on here alot but don't get down to RP often. I live vicariously through all of you. Bill H.
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    Ex RP Forum Member advisor to Trump ????

    Aww this makes me happy!
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    Numero Uno Online : Sonoyta a Criminal run Rat Hole

    Valparaiso here, my dad worked at US Steel Gary Works, still remember the light green asbestos suit, metal tarsal shoes and two color blue hard hat he wore. No I did not know our claim to fame #1 resident Mr Reddenbacher.
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    What's with the southbound interrogation?

    Just an FYI about south bound inspections. I was in Los Algodones at the Andrade Checkpoint picking up my stomach medicine and watched 13 out of 15 cars get the bell for closer inspection. Seems like they were looking for something in particular. They had a huge military presence there. This was...
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    BoomerFest Update

    LOL I almost bumped into the car stopped in front of me on the 101 today trying to snap a photo. I can not believe this "festival" is dropping that kind of money to advertise in Phoenix. A sign like that typically costs about 24k for an annual contract, shorter time frames are significantly more...