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    Tyler, are you asleep?
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    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    Pardon me for being a wise guy, but Google provides information sources for things you never heard of. Broadly speaking, hookah diving involves the use of an air hose to the diver. People do it this way for a variety of reasons including cleaning the bottom of boats and collecting things off...
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Wood Spinner,' stopped by EZE Trailer and Boat in Lakeside today and you were right. Nick's the Man. And his front desk guy has a house in Kino and has been fishing the SOC since the 60's. Both know exactly what we're doing (though they're not sure why we're doing it), and they can do...
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    I did do some direct sales googling. I'm a little leary of using them in case there are problems.
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Brad, thanks for trying, but Complete Marine no longer sells "loose" Yamaha outboards. They only sell them as part of a boat package. Salesman at Complete Marine doesn't believe I'm going to find what I'm looking for in Arizona.
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Can anyone steer me to a Yamaha outboard dealer closer than a thousand miles from here? Doesn't seem to be one in Arizona. We're looking for a new 25 - 35 Yamaha to push a 26-foot coastal panga. We've been using an old 2-stroke 40 HP Merc and a 4-stroke 9.9 Yamaha. The 9.9 uses very little...
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    Anyone catching fish out of Penasco?

    Quick answers: Yes, fishing is better farther south and yes, A.J. (Arturo’s) is very good with social media. I haven’t fished with A.J. For a couple of years, but I feel safe saying he fishes more than 50 miles from Penasco, and no, he doesn’t go 50 miles out. Deeper water provides better...
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    Corrupt police?

    I had the same question about which city this occurred in. I figure most likely it was Rocky Point, but could have been Sonoyta.
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    Going to Puerto Penasco Weekend Before Christmas to Fish... Advice on Travel? Fly Fishing...

    Too touristy? Hey, we can take care of that problem for you. Let us know when you're coming for a week.
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    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    Someone once told me ocean hookah diving is illegal in Mexico, just not enforced like a lot of other things. Anyone know if that's true?
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    Going to Puerto Penasco Weekend Before Christmas to Fish... Advice on Travel? Fly Fishing...

    You asked about roads to Puerto Lobos. Unless there's been unusual weather, a Subaru should make it just fine. But I'd suggesting not trying to do Lobos if you're only down for a weekend. It's 2 hours each way. Closer to Rocky Point - like a half hour drive - is La Pinta estuary which...
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    Going to Puerto Penasco Weekend Before Christmas to Fish... Advice on Travel? Fly Fishing...

    Fly rods and yellowtail? Hmmm... shows how little I know about saltwater flyfishing. I guess if you can handle a roosterfish on that rig you can probably do a yellowtail too, But a yellowtail of 20 lbs or more is a real handful.. Best bet is to pay someone to take you several miles out...
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    What is this fish called? Caught it fishing from shore.

    NOT spotted bay bass. We catch tons of spotted bay bass around Lobos and they look just like the Mexfish picture. Do not have the redness this one has nor the same fins.
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    bringing a boat to Mexico

    Don't forget trailer registration
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    New poster..Sea Shells of the Northern sea of Cortes.

    Edge-to-edge sharpness in a close-up photograph that wide is a challenge. I'll have to see it in person next time we're down. We enjoyed visiting the sea shell museum last May and chatting with Naomi.
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    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    I'd been missing her since she left. Her departure from the forum left a void.
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    Shrimp Prices

    Yes, I've had them clean my shrimp at Federico's and similar places along the malecon. I understand that Federico's was once owned and operated by a guy named Federico, but he sold out and retired. Those fish bays are run by whoever owns them at the moment. Freshness isn't necessarily...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    MexicoRuss, In my earlier post, I wasn't talking about your post. Evidently you posted an instant before I did. I was referring to an exchange above yours that went like this: Tico-T: Food stamps? Section 8 housing? Free Obama cellphones? You are a mental case. Really you are a nut job...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    Where's the bouncer?
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    Mayan Palace

    Ouch! I was thinking he needed a trip to the woodshed for persistence in political agitation, but a permanent ban leaves a big hole on the team roster. As we've just seen on the road question.