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    Lukeville border Crossing

    It appears there was another shoot out on the 11th/ DE NUEVA CUENTA BALACERA EN SONOYTA, SONORA. Sonoyta, Son. a Miércoles 10 de Enero 2024. Esta madrugada de Miércoles 10 de Enero, facebook post
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    playa, the ready lane allows you to use an enhanced drivers license or a passport card
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    We seen the same thing on the pedestrian line as we were in the middle lane. The Border agent on the other side of the fence would only let three or four people through at a time. That line moved slower than our line. I assume they were all Mexican nationals and wondered where they would be going?
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    Homicide in Encanto

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    Homicide in Encanto

    I had it, from Facebook , but somebody took it down
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Katie Hobbs, just signed an executive order to send the National Guard to the border. Not sure what that means at this point.
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    We left Play Encanto at 7:30 Tuesday morning. Arrived at the San Luis Border via Highway 2 at 10:00. , correction 10:30 ..We were in the general lane < middle lane > with passports only. 2.5 hours later we crossed into San Luis Az. I asked the gal at the stop what would happen if we would’ve...
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    Lukeville, Sonoyta crossing improvements?

    Yes, Roberto and GV Jack, going at it behind the there.... he lived in Green Valley,,,Funny guy!
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    Vinyl windows

    We had aluminum windows that have a white finish that have worked out good. I’m not sure if it is a powder coat. They were made in Rocky Point.
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    Barb’s Dog Rescue trouble

    I heard they are being cared for there by animal control
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    Get out the Sand bags !

    Just copy and paste them on here
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    Get out the Sand bags !

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    Barb’s Dog Rescue

    Barb passed away last night after a long complicated illness. Report from FB..
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    Crater hole @ km 71

    Report on Facebook is it’s fixed now. Still others I guess they’re working on.
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    Our Amigo Stuart

    RIP Stuart, you will be missed
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    Local hangs

    There was a thread about Russ somewhere in here. I heard a couple of different things none that can be confirmed by me or the ones that said it! 1. was a bleeding ulcer. 2. A blood disorder. No mater he will be greatly missed by a lot of people. Bethany, Russ and Naomi's daughter set up a go...
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    Elephant seal washes up at Las Conchas. Won’t let me post a picture
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    Shock and loss.

    I was shocked to hear this today. A few days ago he was leading 57 RV’s to the border as he has done many times. Thoughts and prayers to Naomi and family
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    Teeth Cleaning at LG Dental Clinic

    this was a post-from 2012. We use BLVD. FREMONT No. 232 LOCAL 8 PLAZA DEL SOL, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
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    Lost at Sea … Any updates ?

    As of this AM they have called off the search for the man. I’m sure boaters etc will still be on the look out