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    Got my fix

    Corner of ALTO, and ALTO
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    Got my fix

    My first food stop in RP, still wonderful just as I left it. El meson #1.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    When you get to US. border duck then proceed with caution. Left or right optional. Sincerley I will remain El Whappo
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    This illegal immigration bullshit is all bullshit! This problem could be solved in a few days by a few concerned American citizens.Fentenal might be tougher but I bet it could be slowed down by the same good American citizens.Huggs my ass. Sincerley I will remain El Whappo
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    Dentist recommendation - 2022

    Estrada is your best choice IMHO. Not at all pricy and good. Old metal fillings are out for several reasons. Ask for his opinion and price, You will be pleased.
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    I followed my own diections and was all screwed up. Listen to Russ. Perhaps I'd bin drinking. Finally found it and it was wonderful.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Rember the folks that used to gather at PDO? Was a big deal every Thanksgiving and was something to look foreward to, just thinking. Everyone was always welcome.
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    Doctor in Rocky Point

    Bill Just read your post and was just wondering if you have located an M.D. ?
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    I really dont know any street names in Rocky, but the the most help I can offer is at the intersection where candy tortilla, Covadima ice plant and the hardware store, coming from Cholla mall turn left and go to the first stop sign. There is an elementary school. Turn right and go to the first...
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    El Meson (sp) Hard to find but GREAT food, nice family and will cook whatever you would like. They serve a great hamburger if your in the mood. Truly a hidden gem if you like hidden gems.
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    RV parts, salvage yard?

    Is it a door light switch?
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    September Nights

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    Never added or subtracted but was much funner to follow. Kinda miss some of the old sports. ( A sport is a man that spends his money on booz and women )