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    Lukeville Opening on Thursday
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    I give up, where is it?
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    Found great new restaurant: Taco Chile!

    Oh good, a new place to try. Getting tired of the same o same o
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    El Barco oyster farm video

    Didn't make it out there this trip. If I remember, there was something wrong and they weren't harvesting. Oh well, there is next year
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    They think the virus is the fault of the US visitors

    I would like to know about the Plays Bonita case seeing as how I was there
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    Corona Virus Detected in Penasco

    A retired doctor says you are full of it with those instructions.
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    Walking on the beach will cost you a little more than the 400 pesos
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    Take a look at OAN
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    "I was just wondering to what degree they are enforcing the ban. Thanks in advance! " From what I saw on Tuesday, they are taking it very serious. I stood on the boardwalk at the Playa Bonita RV park ,which is very,very empty, and couldn't see anyone on the beaches. Only thing are the policia...
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    Left yesterday for the US. Friend was on the beach and the policia took her picture and told her that if caught again, it would be 36 hours in jail. They were running regular patrols up and down the beaches on ATVs. Passed a number of rv's headed south with their toys.
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    UPS/Fedex delivery

    Or buy one at Sam's Club here in PP. Just an idea.
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    Ugly weather

    Where would you think I am reporting from if not PP?
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    Ugly weather

    Yup. Rain off and on last night. Wind today but later in the afternoon it was fine sitting out for happy hour. Better weather forecast for next week
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    Border Delays?

    The wife followed the one searching inside, nothing taken. The one with the gun stood outside and wanted ID. Wanted to know where we were from, looked at the license plate, looked at passport and wrote info down on his clipboard. Guess they had to do something to prove they were doing their job
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    Border Delays?

    Came thru Monday got the red light. First stop got boarded by the border person. She looked around, asked about cigarettes, booze that was it. She did tell the wife to not to bring the Poinsettia next year. Next stop by the military and the guy boarded and opened every cabinet door. Asked a...
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    Los Pavorreales Restaurante

    Nah, just a few cool ones for dinner, nothing serious. We do take our own to Pollo Lucas with no problem
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    Los Pavorreales Restaurante

    What about beer? I didn't see it on the menu so can you bring your own?
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    Sally's Passing

    Just heard that Sally of Xochiti's fame has passed. When?
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    Do you bring meat across border?

    We pack the motorhome to travel for 6 months. Some meat gets put in the bottom of the freezer and it might or might not get eaten before we cross. Never had the freezer taken apart looking for stuff at the bottom. If they look at all, it is a simple open the drawer and look.
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    Mayan Palace

    To answer your question, no you do not have to take a presentation to have lunch. Just be prepared to pay through the nose, it is expensive in my opinion