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    Aluminum welder

    Can anyone recommend someone who does quality aluminum welding in Puerto Penasco? A Mobil service would be a big plus
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    Peso on the rise

    The peso has been steadily rising. 13.91 today. Any idea or predictions if it is suppose to level off?
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    Is there any true gardener's for hire in Penasco? Someone who will take care of plants, water them when they need water, know if they are getting too much water, pull out weeds and basically keep everything green and healthy? Someone who knows plants and knows they don't all need the same...
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    Brothers Pizza?

    Anyone know what happened to Brother's Pizza? Went by there today and they were closed with a for rent sign in the window. I know the owners had moved back to the states because of some health reasons. I believe the new managers/partners were the people from CS foods in Penasco. Just wondering...
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    Has anyone been to Hunters? Not even sure if they are open yet. It looks like a new restaurant with a neon sign on the front. It is located across from the spice store in Penasco. I believe the street is Nicolas Bravo, just off Beneito Juarez behind the Pemex. I'll try to check it out in the...
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    project car

    I would like to restore an old car in my spare time. Does anyone know if it is possible or the paperwork involved to get a 50-80 year old car that needs total restoration brought down to Puerto Penasco from AZ? Of course it would be on a trailer in rough condition and obviously not be running...
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    The Hut

    I know The Hut on Sandy Beach was suppose to open in early October. Any idea if the will be open today for lunch? If so I am there.
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    Anyone know what is becoming of Chongo's on Sandy Beach? It seems that over the last week they have removed all the stuff from inside, removed the big sign and blocked in the side entrance door.
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    Vegas flights

    Flights are suppose to start tomorrow. Any idea if there will be any big party, celebration, press coverage, etc.
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    Just wondering if anyone has tried the new BBQ joint on Bonito Juarez next to Santander Bank by the overhead walkway?
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    Fishing Derby

    I was out in Cholla Bay this weekend and saw a flyer for an upcoming fishing derby for the cholla bay sportsmen's club. Anyone know anything about this. It says it's the 57th annual derby. How come I have never heard of this, is it a private fishing club or can anyone join?