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    Getting a car towed across the border

    If he has the car, why does he need money up front? In my 25 year experience in Penasco, if you pay a Mexican up front, forget about's gone. Your gift is appreciated!!!
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    Timeshare hell story from John Oliver

    I expect old55 would proffer on any topic he thinks, after a few drinks, people would believe. Entertaining, for sure! Credible...not so much!
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    Grouper Time! 2-24-2024

    Ever hear of conservation, and catch and release? There is no reason to land, and kill, that many fish. I'd say only men who feel inadequate in their lives would do something like this. The Ugly American is still around.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?'ve been living in Canada too long, and should know they don't have any control over their economy. Interest rates for Fox News! Exchange rate for the the US financial news. Is it true the Vice President of Canada...some guy named Singh...wears a turban?
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    I seem to recall you support the limp dick Trudeau in Canada. If you learned socialism there, it won't wash in Az. You'd be better off keeping some of your silliness to yourself.
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    Gun Battle in Sonoyta?

    If these weapons are getting into Mx, it's clear someone in the military is the supplier and someone at the border is greasing the wheels to get them into Mx.
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    Fishing looking for coordinates for fishing rockypoint

    This over-catching is obscene, and confirms us as Ugly Americans, reviving history of plundering resources of nations less powerful.
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    I'm confident the jellyfish fellow, Mayorkas, will soon pop to the surface and make Old55 so proud it will take a vacation.
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    Actually just in the last chapter now. I doubt if you have ever read it.
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    Thanks Google ! You almost got Craig killed!

    With many years experience in looking at investing in these projects, (and getting stung once, thank you, Mr Steinberg) the best due diligence you can do is simply look at the surnames of the principals. When you see a pattern, put your money into a GIC!
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    To understand what's happening gradually, read again Orwell's "1984".
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    It's unfortunate US has decided to stay involved in the middle east, much less supporting Israel. There is nothing to gain by doing so, except maybe for east coast politicians.
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    2024 Mexico Property Taxes

    Don't you all go naive on us...this is Mexico. There's no due process or rules against discrimination. It may be tourist attack time! Our Mirador taxes, in the tourist area, are going from 3900 to 9800 P. The taxes for our other two "lizard pasture" lots in way east Penasco, in the ghetto and...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    I don't understand why anyone would let NY brokers, like Altman, Weiss, Sternberg, Schwartz, etc, decide if you make money in the stock market. All are billionaires off the backs of normal people. These are not honorable Americans, and the world-wide protests are saying the same.
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    The National Gurad can't legally do anything related to the border crossing. it's been announced they will work on drug importation and human smuggling. Az's democrat gov. wrote to Biden and the jellyfish, Mayorkas, asking for help. They ignored her! Figure they would have ignored the gov from...
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    Why is our Border wide open ?

    Before we let Mexico skate away from responsibility, the Mxcn cartels, which AMLO says must be hugged and not killed, are playing a big part in flooding Lukeville with Africans, Indians and Chinese, Israelis and Muslims.
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    I see no mention of Jan 31 on your red dot site.
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    Lukeville POE closed.

    We've bought through Mex Pro Flagstaff for many years. Never had a claim, so no opinion how well they would do.
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    Lukeville border Crossing

    The State of Sonora has no control over what's happening, but I expect AML0 is giggling! Sonora State cannot pay anything for the Africans and Mid East folks if they can't waltz through the actual border facility. Why bother squeezing through a cut out in the wall? You need to understand...
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    Biden Plays Hardball and Mexico Blinks ! Potential breakthrough

    LOL...what can the State of Sonora do? Take control of all the migrants, and pay for their maintenance? Board them where? You need to understand migration crossing international borders is a federal govt issue. If the 'hugger' AMLO decides to stop sticking it to the US in retribution for...