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  1. M

    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    We’re a young family wanting to purchase a small vacant lot or cheap home in Puerto Penasco . My husband and I are humble enough to rub elbows with the common and work hard enough to laugh at jokes with the rich . Seeking a knowledgeable English/Spanish speaking realtor
  2. P


    We are looking at buying retirement property in PP. we also would like to buy or bring a sailboat (up to 42’) to RP. We’ve besn told that is a bad idea as it is too shallow and we should explore San Carlos for both boat and real estate. Thoughts?
  3. Andrea007

    Buying a House in Las san jorge beach

    I am looking at a beach house in Las san Jorge beach.... Just want to know how is this beach, does it have potential for future expansion. House does not have exploring Solar panel Please advise,,,
  4. La Huerita

    La Bella Vita development?

    A press release from Feb. 2016 said Leslie Hospitality was going to redevelop the La Bella Vita development at Playa la Jolla starting in mid 2016 and would rebrand it as Costa de Cielo. It was originally going to offer both fractional and whole ownership. The domain name for the website...