12 Days and counting!


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Most of my immediate family are heading down and staying at La Palapa on Christmas morning! I am so excited to get back down there. I am chomping at the bit.

But I am curious about travel on Christmas day. Anyone have experience with how busy it is on the 25th? Is the duty free store open Christmas day?


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I came down on Christmas day two years ago. No Green/Red light and I could not see anyone anywhere around the entry area. I was almost convinced the border was closed. I sat there for a couple of minutes before someone pushed a button from somewhere and the gate went up. Might be a great day to bring down all those things you shouldn't.. :)


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Wow sounds like the Duty free store could possibly be closed. I should look into this further. I don't need anything there but everyone else going likes to get stuff.

Edit: Just called, Closed Christmas day.
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I am going to bring down some Rum that one of our Mexico crew buddies and I made... My materials, his still.
Fermented for 2 months. Made it 3 weeks ago. Yielded 5 bottles of 133 Proof.
I hope some og you are down when we go, that way I can get yall to try it out.


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I know... but I am getting excited. The 3rd quad should be up and running, been working on it still need carb rebuild kit but it's already running with a sticking float.
Chomping at the bit yo.


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Yeah this quad has been sitting for over 8 years or something.
My brother in law is a great mechanic, so it will be running this weekend.
I just installed a new petcock valve and Gelcell battery, he tore the carb apart but we had concerns about the float pin and it was sticking. It runs fine but when we turn it off it just floods the float. We gonna have 3 down this time.
I run on a TRX 3oo with rack and a green crate for all my goodies lol.
Going to try to make a safe fishing pole tube to attach to the rack. Last time down I thought I had it($100 rod) safely wrapped and went to cast near bone beach... broken tip. Need to fix that too.

Ummm, 9!


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Christmas at Santo Tomas a mormon family from Pinetop area with 8 kids with 8 older atv's arrives.....oh brother...let the yearly fight begin....dad is a retired cage fighter...A good thing to keep in mind


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Sweet, 3rd quad is ready. Got the new rear bench seat installed, carb rebuilt and man does it run nice.
Got my rod case/tube done and it turned out nice.
5 days, we are almost there.


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Horses don't chomp at the bit, they champ at the bit.
That is hilarious!
However correct you are. But interestingly enough....

Variant of champ at the bit, recasting it as chomp "to chew noisily" + bit "part of a horse's harness held in its mouth"; horses tend to chew on their bits when imptienta at waiting.

chomp at the bit (third-person singular simple present chomps at the bit, present participle chomping at the bit, simple past and past participle chomped at the bit)

(intransitive) To show impatience or frustration when delayed.

4 more days, and I am "To show impatience or frustration when delayed."

Hmm doesn't sound as funny as Chomping at the bit! LMAO.


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Three days and we outa here. I hope to be able to meet up with at least 1 or 2 of you that are going down or already there. Perhaps we could plan something, drink at JJ's on Friday?