A video fom 1994 and reshot in 2010 of Sandy Beach


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Yes, saw you post this before, amazing how much it's changed. Kick myself that through the years I lost a series of photos we took from that point in 1989 before there was anything up there...

Which reminded me, someone had a web site in which he posted lots of pics of his trips with his wife to Penasco and San Carlos through the years, most of the pics were of people partying around The Pitahaya Bar and the nearby hotels, RV parks. Each collection was separated by year, went back to the mid-'80s...It was an older-looking site, like maybe even an old Geosites or AngelFire hosted page.

Though he was with his wife, I remember the guy had a knack for getting the girls to pose, and it was particularly interesting to see how what went for risque as beach nightclub attire back in 1986 looks almost prudish these days. I had it as a favorite site on an old computer but don't even know where to look now. I have a bad feeling it expired...

Sound familiar to anyone?


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Thanks Russ for the video- it's amazing how much things have changed- condos, Penasco del Sol (aka Plaza las Glorias), even the Light House.


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1989 to 2001 were the best times to be there and enjoy rocky point. Dollar was strong and most of comodities in mexico were underpriced and cheap and there was no violence.