Americans say ‘After a 20-year relationship, I’m giving up on Mexico’


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That story isn't new, I read it 2-3 years ago. Sad but old news with more to it that what's in the article.
Most of the bad things that happen in Mexico doesn't affect virtually any of the Gringo's living in Mexico.

Sure bad stuff happens there almost daily but it happens also in the US as well. Mexico's violence is a bit more graphic though.

If your life migrates towards the seedier side of life in Mexico then your chances of being affected increases a lot
by the bad people there.

Violence in Mexico, It also makes better headlines.


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Yup, older article, read it when it first came out.

Also agree that as a gringo, you were somewhat immune to the innermost country violence between cartels. But that's changed a bit. Witness the attack at a resort in Cancun this week where 15 armed guys landed on the beach in front of a resort and started shooting and hunting down a couple of rivals and killed them. Talk about a black-eye for Mexican tourism. Fortunately, no gringos caught lead poisoning.

Yes, violence happens everywhere. But when it happens so blatantly in a "safe" area, it does indeed raise eyebrows about whether you want to put your family in jeopardy for a nice beach vacation. And I say this as one who loves Mexico and have traveled all over it. Will I stop going because of this? No, but any thoughts I had of buying a casita and retiring there are now just a pipe dream.


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Spent a lot of the last 2 years in and around South Carolina beach towns and the Outer Banks in NC until I retired and old 55 took over my job.Some things are better there but Sonora (danger and all) still wins out …close decision on which I like best but glad to be back. Old55 ffnng hated it here and couldn't wait to leave…missed his boat…I talked him into signing up here so I could post occasionally about things down south.

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