they come!


Aye carumba!!!
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Puerto Peñasco is preparing to receive more than 130 thousand vacationers in Holy Week, estimated Ernesto Munro Lopez.

The mayor of the port said that they will reinforce the security of the municipality with 150 state elements and a helicopter of the Ministry of Public Security, in addition to the 120 municipal police. "Hopefully for Easter this will be increased, we made a request of at least 100 cadets and 50 elements of the PESP, which will be added to the ministerial agents and the Navy and Navy of Mexico and other elements that also add to the Public Safety operative groups, "he said. In terms of hotel capacity, he said that they have 6 thousand 500 rooms and the economic benefit they expect is 120 million pesos.

Note on my part... do the math. 130,000 peeps / 6500 rooms = 20 peeps per room! Yeah, I know. Many will just party on the beach all weekend long, but still, that's a LOT of peeps for one weekend and why I won't go near the place during Semana Santa.


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Last time we were there for Easter (12 years ago) probably 40,000 people took over Penasco.
It took a hour plus to go from Cholla to Penasco each way, many things in stores were sold out.
It was a huge mess afterwards, trash and beer cans everywhere, I said never again.

I couldn't even imagine it with the crowds from the past few years 80K+ or even 130K peeps.

Many businesses hate Easter because most of those peeps don't eat in the restaurants, beer and ice sales are great.
Many bars near the beaches charge for the bathrooms to make $$ from this event.

Next year during for our retirement we will try it and not venture out to Penasco because we will be stocked up and ready to hunker down
just to say experienced it.


Aye carumba!!!
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After Semana Santa.... the beaches are trashed. Well, so is much of the town. But the overwhelming grossness to me was - all of the soiled diapers on the beach. They seemed to be like stinky little land mines, everywhere.

Oh, the humanity of it all.


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I will certainly be hunkering down. It is only really bad some on Thursday but Friday and Saturday are crazy days. and yes all the action takes place on Playa Bonita beach , Calle 13, Old Port Malecon and around town in the bed of pickup trucks !! Bars and restaurants get very little from visitors and locals stay home. Sunday winds down with people stocking up on beer for the drive home to Mexicali or Hermosillo.

Actually calle 13 on Friday night is something to behold one time . I used to get a room at el Senorial hotel on calle 13, park the vehicle and sit in a camp chair on the street to watch the action. I would like to see some drone video!!

No idea why they would bother to add additional law enforcement. I have never seen a traffic stop during Semana Santa. They really could just close up enforcement and put them to work on medical emergencies to carry out the wounded. Can't get an ambulance through the traffic. . Oh wait, there will still be a few US folk available to accept citations !!


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We simply buy our goods a few days before - stock the house up completely - pump the septic tank clean - stay home from Wednesday to Monday. Lack of hotel rooms doesn't matter. Everyone has a primo somewhere in town where they can set up camp. I live in the hood and just about everybody here who has a yard has tents set up during Semana Santa. Our neighborhood is quiet because once the sun comes up everyone heads to the beach. Regarding the garbage...people are pigs....the spring breakers made a mess every night in the Malecon and Sandy beach the last couple of weeks. If the mayor does what he did last year, everything is left alone until Monday after everyone starts to leave then they hit the public areas hard and clean it up fast. We will see.


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If I am leaving Rocky Point on Sunday, April 14th (the start of Holy Week), would you expect there to be a long wait at the border heading back to the US?


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You know it Daddy! What's up Jo Jo? We're heading down next weekend for my buddy Borsand's wedding. Staying over in Las Conchas this time, haven't stayed over there in years, should be fun. You going to be down?