Another quiet weekend.


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I did not think the isolation could not get much worse but it seems to. I do gear up and check the mail every couple of days. You toot the horn and they bring it out ! The distancing marks appear on the floors of stores open and you get a free spritz of hand sanitizer on the way in and or out. Heard the Bodega no longer permits entry to the old folks at any time. Most folks are now wearing masks, gloves not so much. Street traffic in town is way down. Young guys on bicycles and window washers ignore it all of course. Entry points to town barriers have tightened up. You now get misted with disinfectant if you can enter legally. I heard they will not even let the miners from Herradura down the Caborca road come home at night. The recent additional case of virus reported here apparently sneaked through from Mexical sick already.

Hard to imagine how they are going to get out of this cleanly. Maybe as restrictions are lifted in AZ people will want to head to the beach?? Think I will sneak out for a bit of night beach fishing.