Another stellar performance by CFE!


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Today the south half of the city was without power for almost 12 hours until 1 PM, although some homes were getting just enough to kill the electric motors in fridges, water pumps, etc, etc.

They provide toilet bowl service and reliability but with top shelf pricing and immediate disconnection for non payment of one bill.


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I expect power outages at least 1-2 times per month in Cholla Bay. It's been like that for years.

My back-up generator sure comes in handy when the power is down for 8-18 hours.
A whole house surge protector is a must.
I could complain a lot but since my annual CFE cost is less than $250 (Yes, per Year).

I guess I shouldn't. Because doing things by candle light and led flash lights is actually fun.


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I guess it's easy to pay only 250/yr if there is no power to consume!
Paying $250?, It sure is, if you want the electric on to do something later like, run your A/C during May-Oct.
Sleeping is so much easier when the electric is back on and the A/C is running.