Anyone catching fish in Penasco?


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I see posts of huge grouper being brought in almost every day in Santo Thomas. Is that area more prolific? Is it easier to fish? I see a lot of postings from pangas with the coast in view. Surely they are not taking pangas out 50 miles right?
What ever happend to superfisherman Shawno. He still killing it, just not posting?
Happy New year all

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Some of the folks going out on the pongas are doing well on count but nothing very big. Mostly Rock Bass and some Triggers. I went out yesterday on my pontoon in close and not a bite. I then put the outboard motor on and went further out, 1/2 mile and got some small rock bass for dinner. One thing I noticed is the water is not clear out a way. It gets cloudy with I think a Plankton may be active.