Anyone want to share a boat tomorrow?


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Heading down tonight.. Was looking at the forecast and tomorrow Fri 6/28 is looking decent .. Sat Sun will be a bit windy.
Looking to rent a boat or panga.. half or full day.. If anyone is interested please msg me or call me 4808613642.. name's Rudy.
If anyone has a boat and is already planning on going out.(and wouldnt mind an extra body or two). I can pitch in for gas/food/drinks and have all my gear..
Otherwise if that doesn't pan out.. I have two single kayaks I can take out if you know some spots.. Thanks for you time and tight lines!!

Wood Spinner

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The last I looked at windfinder the wind was blowing to the South and if so most of the coastline around RP should be not too bad.
Check the forecast as to the tide and wind direction and adjust your trip no make an easy return to base point. Have fun