Aqui Viene El Recesion de Mexico

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3 consecutive quarters of diminishing growth. What is the rule of thumb again? 4 quarters straight is recession?

Amlo is getting beat up with the killings thing too. Homicide up 35% since he took office. Jesus.

AP was referenced for these comments.


all the corvinas.


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What I see foremost is that the Walmex's Bodega family and other big store chains no longer have a monopoly on the supermarket vouchers. "But ahead of the fourth quarter, the government allowed the vouchers to be converted into cash, opening up possibilities for them to be spent at corner stores, street vendors and outdoor marketplaces." It would be interesting to find out what % of the money that Walmex's Bodega family had funneled to them, actually went back into the economy in a meaningful way, compared to when converted to cash.


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I for one am sure not crying for Walmart. Still have growth but smaller than expected. Booo Hoo . Was there an increase in welfare payments ??