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El Gato

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Today we ran into Arturo's nephew (by chance) at the bank and he and DS compared notes for when they sold shells on the beach to the tourists when they were kids - both were paid in shells and have a beautiul collection. Wore wooden trays.

DS would make his little brother go with him as a 'hook' - I think he indicated that he had to feed his little brother! Oldest was about 8 at the time - or maybe younger. Ladyjeeper - you might have seen them at Playa Hermosa - or even played with the nephew!

Had a wonderful time going over old memories of Penasco days. Made the wait at the bank a pleasure - but, a word of warning - don't ever go to the bank or CFE the next working day after Independence Day! Or, at least hope to run into an 'old friend' like we did.