Bad time on Sandy Beach


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Yesterday I talked to a person that had gone down for her families first visit to Rocky Point. "Never going again." She told me check in was a hazzle, unit was not clean, on and on. I took them almost 2 hrs to check out on Sunday. I have never heard anything like this before from people that go down and stay. We all complain about the wait at the border on Sunday but I have never heard complaining about check in and check out. She told me that they wanted to check the room to make sure she had not taken or broken anything. I always wonder about these complaints. But for those of us that rent, we have had a good summer and do not need to have thngs like this going around.


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Some people travel well, and others don't. It probably had more to do with them and their expectations than anything else. The "I want it my way" is in full force with some, sadly.


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The pity is we should have more hotels and less condos. Keith runs down why "
What made Rocky Point a condo city instead of a hotel city has more to do with financing than tourism trends. Essentially, developers collected 30 percent down on a condo - often money from Americans taken out on second mortgages - instead of using a construction loan. As a result, there was more money in short-term construction projects than in building hotels which have longer payback periods.

"It was easy to ask for $50,000 to $80,000 upfront and proceed from there," said Oscar Palacio, whose family runs the Playa Bonita and 91-room Laos Mar. "Every case is slightly different, involving different investors, different banks and different sales agreements, but what they have in common is they were speculative ventures predicated on the continuing strength of the market."


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Whew! I thought something happened to Sandy Beach. Relieved to find out it was an unhappy renter at the Condos.
RP became a Condo city because of INVESTORS instead of business people who are in it for the long run.


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Sorry to hear that these people were so disappointed that they will not be back. I have had my share bad stays at places in the US and Mexico. Needless to say, I will not re-visit those places.
As for PP.......Since 2004, I have stayed at beach condos, hotels and at least 4 differnt resorts on SB. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad stay in PP.
If this was their first time to Rocky Point, they may have had higher expectations as Russ mentioned. But what many may not realize is that things move a little slower in PP sometimes. Again, sorry to hear these people were that soured and will not be back.


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Most people have a great time in Penasco. This person felt that they had been detained while the unit was checked to make sure nothing was broken or stolen. This was what upset her. I have been with Seaside for 10 yr and in that time one renter had to replace a lamp. Once my beach towels all disappered but my maid found them in another unit. I just do not believe the people that stay in our units steal or break things. It bmade me uncomfortable that they were detained while someone checked the unit. By the way this did not happen at a Seaside property.


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I used to rent out my condo and sometimes things were moved to other units like my DVD player, ironing board and drinking glasses but lots of smaller things like sea shell collections, sand dollars, shot glasses and beach towels would just disappear. After a while I learned what to put in the condo and what not to as some things just seemed to naturally grow legs.


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I don't think it's crazy to expect the condo, home, or hotel you are renting to be clean. I also would be pissed if there was a 2 hour process during check out.

I have stayed at several of the condos without issue. My rooms have always been clean and check out was not a problem.


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Heard it was a wild Bachelorette party that was reported more than once to the rentals agency.
If that's the case then the resort had every right to go and check on the room before they left. A lot of people think once they get to Mexico there are no rules, and sadly they have to learn the hard way that there are rules no matter where you are. I still want to know which resort it was - even if it's just speculation.

And they didn't have a "bad time on Sandy Beach". If it was a troublemaking group, they caused their own bad time - not Sandy Beach, or the management/rental agency of the resort. They deserve what they got.


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Sandy Beach isn't for everyone. That's why some of us live way outside of town, and some live directly in town. High rise condos aren't for everyone, and it's great Penasco has options.
I call that the "Vegas" side of town. But I agree -- high-density resort on one side, low-traffic seclusion on the other side, restaurants / shopping / nightlife in the middle . . . something for everyone.


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What a shame. We have stayed in just about every resort/condo in PP. The biggest problem we have had was the water was out for a night. They offered to put us up at another place, but we opted not to pack everything up for one night. We just took a late night swim, like everyone else, and water was back on by morning. Then again, we almost always rent from the owner so . . . .


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We have been coming to RP for only 4 years so we are newbies! Our first time we came down and stayed at Laos mar. Then playa Bonita and also penasco del sol. Then we found the condos and now rent from one person. People expect it to be like the all-inclusive and it is not. It is better! You get to know people and be more in town and relax and cook for yourself. Too bad they didn't have a good time. Bummer for them.