Bank exchange rates at ATM


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I withdrew some peso's at Banorte on Monday using a no fee US debit card from my US dollar account.

When I was completing my ATM withdrawal there was a message saying that I will be receiving
17.98 peso's per 1 dollar. ( That didn't happen during my last Banorte ATM visit 4 weeks ago)

Well, the currency markets were 18.7 at the time and I would always get very close to the market rates.

Are all the banks now giving their exchange rates vs the market rates. Amounted to a 4% reduction.
Banorte was showing a 19 - 1 dollar rate on the window display board.

I am still happy that I can get a better rate doing that vs the Cambio houses in town that were showing
16.9 and 17.5 conversion rate.

Anybody using a bank that is still giving you the currency market rates? Thx


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I used the ATM at CI Banco (on Calle 13) on Tuesday. They used an exchange rate of $18.47 pesos to the USD. Their ATM fee is $17.40 pesos. There was no message on the screen as to their exchange rate. I calculated it based on what was withdrawn from my US credit union.