Black & White Ball


El Pirata
One good thing that happened is the Mayor of Gila Bend (Holt) gave 6K USD for the making of wheel chairs for the needy of Penasco, Thank you Mayor of Gila Bend for all the pro bono work you do to make Gila Bend and Puerto Penasco sister cities.

Your thoughts attendees?


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My girlfriend and I attended the event. It was a very nice evening. Even though we do not speak Spanish, we enjoyed it.
It was nice to have a chance to meet some people from the Forum as well.


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I thought it was great. The people need wheelchairs.. The dance was great. Everybody looked so elegant. This was the first year they had it at the new convention center and there were a lot of people there. There was a snafu in getting drinks. It took me an hour to get one and it got better as the evening went on. That was my only complaint and a minor one. Being the first time in a new building and all. I can't wait for next years already. Hopefully I'll be able to dance.... It was great meeting some forum peeps and Rosie, I looked for you when I left to say goodbye but didn't find you. What a great time for a great cause.