Border Hours Back to Normal 6am-Midnight?????

Mexico Joe

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Hoping to get a fast response but I see on the US Customs website they list Lukeville entry open 6am-Midnight. We also just read on Banjercito that we can enter into Mexico after 8pm. My friend may or may not be taking his boat down fishing on a last minute wim to get some good water on Sunday/ Monday before putting the boat away for the winter.


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Both the US Customs as well as the Tucson sector BP site have shown the hours as 6am-12am the entire time the hours have been reduced. I actually called the Tucson sector office and asked asked why and was told they had no idea.

Mexico Joe

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The banjercito website says that Lukeville is open going south into Mexico until 12am midnight. It says US North 6am - 8pm. We didn't chance it. Left early this morning. No checkpoints no problems. I even politely exited the vehicle for inspection from National Guard at the border which was professional and quick. Bike weekend looked to have been busy. We saw a shit ton of bikes headed north mixed in with Rv's and fifth wheels.

However, we DID CONFIRM with Aduana Mexican customs that the border does close at 8pm.


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Ridiculous Sonoyta isn't open until 12 am. Its really impacted our ability to come down if we don't get out of work in Tucson by 4:30 pm. We had to spend the night in Ajp- dont plan on doing this sgain!

Terry C

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They closed down the closest check point to Mexico. so, I’m assuming it might be shortage of man power.


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I came through heading north at about 10:30 yesterday morning. Three state police units were pulling speeders over in the 60 kph zone immediately before the notorious hill where it drops to 40 kph. on the other side of that hill a town cop had some Gringos pulled over. Nothing at the north end of town. 2 lanes open at the checkpoint but a 15 minute wait.

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Came through headed north last tues bout noon. No issues through Sonoita. Lots of people at border getting the vacuna. Only about 6 vehicles in front of me. I thought wow got lucky no wait! Ended up waiting 1 1/2 hours right at the gate only 1 lane open. Don’t know why the cars at the booth weren’t moved to secondary. At our turn showed passports. The agent said sorry for the delay and waived us on. Was also wondering as we sat right at the line where the gates close what would happen when they closed the border and we were blocked in right on the line?


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When the big border gate rolls closed, if your car is on the border line, they will make you pull forward to enter the US.
Those behind you either sleep in their cars, find a motel in Sonoyta or drive back to Penasco to find a place.
With the 8PM closure, I leave from Phx by 3PM or the latest 4PM depending on what Google maps traffic is showing at that time.
From Penasco I won't leave after 5-6PM again, looking at Google maps and the border wait site to see how many lanes are open
and their estimated wait.
I have a 2 friends who didn't make it before the closing time and slept in their cars last Labor Day. One of them missed the 8PM
going both ways. Yes, He's a Bozo. No Fun.