Border times Memorial day


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Per FB posts, 2-3 hours was the max, they had 2 lines of traffic going north from the Circle k in Sonoyta and 6 lanes open.
We had friends leave Sun at 6PM, they had a 10 min wait others left at 6AM today and had a 20 min wait.
Lot's of people leaving tomorrow morning, should be interesting to see how long it takes.

Bob Oso

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Went through Tuesday 5/29, +/- 1:00 p.m. , hour and 15 minutes wait. Played golf on Monday @ Las Polamas and noticed Monday it seemed there was just as many people buzzing around as there was over the weekend.


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On Tuesday there was a 60-90 minute wait during the afternoon. Ichecked again 7 PM, it was 5 minutes.
They were using the 2 lanes going north from the intersection of highway 8 and 2 Monday but Tuesday it was only 1 lane.
Go figure!!
Leave early morning or late afternoon on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.


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Today (Wednesday) at about 1:00 there was one car ahead of us. On the way home about 10 miles from the border there was a roll-over accident. A lot of cars had already stopped and we didn't want to add to the confusion. On the way to Ajo we passed 5 or 6 different cop cars of various agencies, 2 ambulances and a fire truck. We asked someone in Ajo and all they knew was that it was a serious accident.