Border Wait Times


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My husband had to make a short trip to Penasco on Friday, 4/9, and the wait getting into Mexico around 12:00 pm was 1.5 hours. Anyone else having a problem? I can't imagine how bad it was around 6, and I'm wondering if anyone was impacted since the border closes at 8.


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Fridays and Sundays have been busy for travel to and from Penasco since mid Feb.
With the border closing at 8PM sharp there have been more than a few cars stuck unable to cross until 6AM the next day.
Labor day Fri 2020 there was a 2 mile long line unable to cross when the gate was closed at 8PM and on Mon there was a big line
stuck in Mexico until the next day.
My rule is to leave Phx by 7AM going south on a Friday and if I have to leave on a Sunday or Monday on a holiday, I'm heading north at 6-7AM.
That minimizes the 2+ hour waits. Big lines on Friday and Sunday, It's been like this for many years.