Butt Head Aduanas Y Camino of Death

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Friday 14 Julio De 17 arrived at the San Luis Sonora crossing into Mexico with my F-350 4x4 dually and thirty foot car hauler in tow only to be pulled into Mexican Secondary inspection for a full scale gauntlet of nit pickin a-holes lookin for the slightest infraction for an impossible turn around and return to FUSA with tail between legs.

The first indication of hardball ass-whole-ish-ness was the first time ever thirty minute wait to get into Mexico. All four FUSA lanes at a creep and all funneled into a single lane by FUSA Customs where not a single inspector was even looking at any vehicle leaving the country. After passing the single FUSA lane all four Sonora Mexico lanes were open to traffic where almost every vehicle to include Mexican pedestrians with two wheel suitcase carts were being directed to the customs inspection area for the third degree totally uncalled for full scale rip-off.

Man alive could I see this caca coming down on me. First, los papeles por el trai-ler, no problema, right here en me mano. Butt Senior, donde es los numeros de el compania fabrica esta trai-ler? Right there where they stamped em in on the tongue of the trailer twenty five years ago and by the way I've brought this trailer into Mexico at least fifty times in that time period and have the AZ registration in my hand with matching numbers.

Lo siento Senior, necessita una placa con los numeros, no estan? Come on dudettes, what is with the shake down?? Also, Senior why do you have two used tires in the trai-ler?? They are there just in case my Jeep will not fit on the trai-ler with los tires grandote. Lo siento Senior, tires usado no mas aceptan en Mehico. Well WTF the only reason I'm going to PP this weekend in this F-en heat and humidity is to recover my Wrangler en PP with a leaking rear axle seal and fix it here in Yuma.

So, now you can't bring a used tire, on a wheel, into Mexico but if you have a new tire you gotta pay the import duty of 30% IF YOU HAVE A FACTURA!! So I asked the fully English competent chick just what en de fuk do you want me to do?? Turn around or pay the duty?? She says "no problema, have a good time at your casita in Puerto Penasco, Bye-Bye! Funny, cause I had a brand new spare spare trailer tire in the bed of the truck that I had bought at Yuma Goodyear the day before and even had el factura en me mano.

So, next issue..........

The Jellyfish genocide seems to be getting terminal, at la planata de productos marino just outside of El Golfo de Santa Clara there were twelve semi trucks with trai-lers in line awaiting the load-up of those unfortunate critters. After making the turn south on the Coastal Highway and heading up the hill to the desert plain the road was littered with hundreds of the freah plucked bells of the tan Cannon Ball Jellies. It appeared that so many had falled from the trai-lers that the road was actually in an unsafe condition and judging by the tracks in the thick black stinking Jello many vehicles were experiencing trouble making it up the Camino Sinuoso.

We stopped to inspect the fresh black Jello crap on the road and we could see that the stuff was thick enough to allow tracks fresh tracks to be made in it by recent passing vehicles. On the way to PP we passed three of the death wagons and got thoroughly covered with the foul decaying liquid, still on my truck today.

More to follow as this site has a problema with lengthy spews.


Jungle Jim

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So the extremely certified y bonafied organic and delightfully fragrant black Jello has now brought a new windfall of life support to the typically lifeless scalding black asphalt of the Camino Costal de Sonora. We saw dozens of those little tan Juancitos and a few Desert Iguanas licking up that aromatic delight only to be squashed flat by the passing cars and trai-ler loads of more jellies. Then of course the resident Cuervos Negros y Zopilotes Negros were cashing in on that windfall, some so drunk on the feast that they too became road kill only to attract more death watch critters to then become road kill themselves. It was only a few months ago that millions of White Lined Sphinx caterpillar larvae were squashed on that same road and contributed to more thousands of kilos of organic material to the roadside flora.

Oh well, gotta do a rib eye on the Mesquite fired bar-bee.




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Well your boy Orange Julius Caesar picked this fight....get ready for years of for for that and a commie Mexican president...