Can I get in and out without a Passport??



Hey all,

Im planning a last minute Rocky Point Vacay and wont be able to get my passport by the day we leave! I recently had a friend get thru w just her birth certificate and DL but was wondering if anyone else could provide an experience with a situation similar to this?? I dont want to drive the 4 hrs down there and find out they wont let me in. :cry::(Thanks!!
this has been ask about a million times by now and it should be posted in another 5 threads and the answer is yes, original or notarized copy of the birth certificate and a picture ID is more than sufficient and you will not be ask about it until you go back to the US, as a matter of fact last week one of my passengers forgot the passport in Rocky Point and he did got thru just wiht his drivers license, however there was no question he was a USA citizen and by that I mean he is anglo, blonde, blue eyes and had a very strong texas accent, unlike me that I can pass for and anglo, was blonde was upon a time and hazle/green eyes however I start talking and you KNOW i am not a USA born person!! :eek3:
I am bringing my childs 13 year old friend with us, she will have birth cert but no passport, do I need a letter of permission from her parents for the border?


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I am bringing my childs 13 year old friend with us, she will have birth cert but no passport, do I need a letter of permission from her parents for the border?
I would get one and be sure the letter includes contact information. The odds are you won't need it but why take the chance. Remember too, you aren't the only person who ever crossed with someone else's children in the vehicle, there is nothing unusual about it to attract attention. Unless of course the child has brown skin ! Have a great trip.


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Whenever I brought along one of my daughter's friends, I always got a notarized "permission slip" from the parents.....signed by both. I also carried one from my "ex" for my daughter.

Does the girl have any kind of photo ID? I know that the Customs people will let you back in without a passport...but you need that photo ID and the birth certificate. They may give you a hassle or delay you.....


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I used to always get a letter from the parents giving us permission to seek medical attention for their daughter if necessary, and to make any reasonable decisions concerning said medical attention in the event they cannot be reached. Always better safe than sorry!!


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Well, you'll need a drivers license so you can drive legally. LOL! I would carry an ID besides my passport even if I wasn't driving. But, that's just me.


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Hah, I was just about to suggest that someone should make the passport topic a sticky and realized it already is one...But this discussion brings up a good point: Why isn't there a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for this forum? Just about every board I can think of has one. I realize this may cut down on posts, new member registration and, ultimately, site hits (which, let's face it, is one of the main goals of every site owner for all the hard work they put into it).

That said, making the site more user-friendly will make it more popular in the long run, thus generating more hits, if this is in fact the reason for the lack of an FAQ sub-forum. Or maybe it's just that nobody ever thought of doing one! ;)

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Please read the US rules and not clutter up this board with nonsense questions. If you desire to leave the US,and to come back, get a US Passport. It will make your re-entry to the US much easier. Please realize, no matter how easy it has been to cross both ways across the border, Mexico is a foreign country. If you have a problem with US (Arizona) immigration laws, please become familiar with the immigration laws of other countries (especially Mexico).
I asked this question at the boarder last week the laws say you need passport, But they said if you can prove you are US citizen they will not refuse you entry back into US. But it may take a few hours of delay..