Canes, Walkers and Wheelchairs

This first photo and accompanying email are in this months edition of "Letters to the Editor" in the Rocky Point Times...


I met Tom at the American Legion the other day when I brought over the canes and walkers... as I had said we are able to obtain wheelchairs as well, and this is a photo of Manuel Duran and his daughter and his wheelchair which we had provided for him....

I hope you can use this photo... it gives us a smile when we can help people become mobile...

Mark Olszewski


I should explain a bit more... we had dropped off several walkers and canes for the American Legion to have to pass out to whom ever they felt needed them... while there we talked with Tom O'Hare (Editor of Rocky Point Times) about the work we do here in Rocky Point... he asked if we had any photos to share and this is what we sent...

We have another load of canes, walkers and wheelchairs in Phoenix and we are looking to find transportation to bring them down to Puerto Penasco in hopes that we can distribute them and make more smiles getting people mobile... If anyone is able to help please call us at 602-324-9529... Thank You


This is 80 something years young Manuel Duran who we have provided a wheelchair and we also deliver groceries to on a monthly basis...

His daughter said they get mad at him because he wheels out to the street and waits for passers-by to come along and he asks for a cigerette, and they don't want him to smoke... did I mention Manuel is also blind???


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I have a Datsun size trailer with sidewalls. I can bring stuff, the wheelchairs and the food that your friend has. Let me know, I am coming next Friday.

As far as Manuel smoking, coming from a fellow smoker, at 80 plus, let him smoke! What's it gonna hurt now????? Let him have his pleasure! He's blind and has to use a wheelchair........Don't deny him this pleasure!!!!!

Flame suit on!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a Datsun size trailer with sidewalls. I can bring stuff, the wheelchairs and the food that your friend has. Let me know, I am coming next Friday.

As far as Manuel smoking, coming from a fellow smoker, at 80 plus, let him smoke! What's it gonna hurt now????? Let him have his pleasure! He's blind and has to use a wheelchair........Don't deny him this pleasure!!!!!

Flame suit on!!!!!!!!!!
Chari... I'm a nonsmoker, but if he goes through all that to get a smoke, I agree... let him enjoy a smoke... he's a real character, with all that life has delt him (lost both legs and eyesight due to diabetis) he is still a very cheerful and happy soul...

Matt... we just found out about this new load of walkers and there are 2 wheelchairs... we still have maybe about a half dozen left from the load of walkers that Bob Oso brought down, so we are not in a major hurry or need for them yet... and I would like to find someone that is in need of the wheelchairs before we get worried about bringing them down here... we want to be sure that they will be put to use helping someone that really needs them rather than just sitting waiting to be sold...


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Mark Have Barbra give me a call we are coming down next thursday and we will see what we can pick up for you guys. I already have a box of paper and some clothes to donate. I will also be back down the following thursday.
AZ ROB... Thank you very much for bringing down the truckload of wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches... and we had a great time fishing with you all today... let me know if you're up for some local snorkeling... sea U soon...


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Mark we will be posting pictures of the catch From what we were told the fish was a rare one but you already knwe that...I want to thak you and Mark as well as Meco (not sure of spelling) but we all had a great time I will be taking you up on the snorkleing soon... See ya guys next week with some more stuff in tow...
Rob... I can't stand it... I need to post the photos and a video of Joe with his catch... it is a beauty... Thanks again for everything and looking forward to doing some snorkeling or diving with you soon....
Special day

Thanks once again to
AZ ROB for bringing down another load of medical supplies and walkers... Rob we really appreciate your time and effort to bring these items down to us... I want to really say Thank you to all from this forum who have helped us by bringing something down or donating cash or materials to our causes (the great people of Rocky Point) you all know who you are and frankly there are far too many to start naming you all... You are all what makes Rocky Point so great, it's just a shame the media doesn't pick up the positive things that happen in everyday life here in Rocky Point...

OK... now as you may imagine with all of these deliveries of canes, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs we are running out of room to store them, although we have been able to move them out sort of quickly... If you know of anyone in Rocky Point that is elderly or has a disabillity and needs assistance with mobility please contact us and we would be happy to supply them with a walker, cane, cructhes or wheelchair... we have already taken many of these items to the major clinics and hospitals but we would much rather see them going to individuals that will definately use them...

And on a final note... yesterday we were invited to a lunch at La Esperanza Para Nueva Vida A.C. community center, which our close and great friends Harold and Kathy Tuttle had founded with thier cause "AIM". Harold had mentioned that it was going to be the community's way of thanking them for the great work they do with the center and local food distribution on a monthly basis... he didn't tell us that Barb and I would also be honored at this luncheon... Barb and I are deeply touched by this showing of gratitude from the community and I want to share it with you because as I previously stated "You are all what makes Rocky Point so great, and we couldn't do what we are doing without your help and donations"

There was also a speach and presentation given by "Jenni" who is the daughter of Blanca Soto the president of the community center. Jenni is from Mexicali and is the person who I have been working with on the earthquake relief fund... she is in the process of posting the presentation on YouTube and when it is ready I will post here to show the progress that has been made with the donations received...

and Rosie... I haven't forgotten that you mentioned that you have money for us, Thank You, and will it be OK for Blanca and I to stop by today or maybe tomorrow... you just say when...

Thank You all...

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WOW, I stumbled across this thread by accident, but I feel it really should be in the regular section under General. What great work you're doing for Penasco, and we all need to know how we can help. My husband and I will be on the lookout for medical supplies to bring you. Thanks again.


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Mark & Barb Although Michelle and I just met the 2 of you we can see what you are doing for the community. That is the reason we decided to help and we will continue to help. We have found that on this side of the border some people have been accustomed to the what is in it for me syndrome. Some of us are very fortunate and it seems we are seeing more and more people who see what we have made with ourselves and our company (speaking not only of strangers but saddly family and friends) and ask us the same question where is mine. We do not get than down south. Every one we have given somthing to either giving the security and the condo an old tv we replaced or giving the house keeper the old bedding the wife couldn't stand or passing out some old games that were cluttering our closet. Everyone has been greatly appreciative. We can't wait to meet more of the people from the fourm in the future.
P.S. You and Barb are great people...
AZ ROB YOU ROCK.... Thanks again... Art just called and told us that you picked up 4 of the wheelchairs, the three big boxes of school supplies donated from a school in Florida and many other medical supplies... we are truly Thankful for your support and help...