Dental Implants in RP


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Has anyone ventured in to the dental implant world in Mexico? Do you have any recommendations? I have two guy’s working for me in Phoenix, sober addicts, that I am trying to help. Having a decent smile is a huge stumbling block for them. Any advice is welcome.


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While there are a number of excellent docs in RP who do implants, I went with this recommendation from someone on the forum few years back. My wary US dentist warned about ensuring that the implant would be USFDA approved. Turns out it was not only approved, but state-of-the-art. Great professional job.:

Dr. Abraham Estrada
Estrada Family Dentistry
On Revolution about a quarter mile before the Rodeo Drive shops.
Mex: 638-383-5652
From US: 602-774-4494
[email protected]
Implants, root canals, crowns . .


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Go to Algadones. Sani Dental. Had a quote in Chandler Az for 20k. Sent Sani my ex rays and they gave me a quote.....$4k with bone graphs. Totally state of the art. They don’t even pit there fingers in your mouth. Dentists are covered from head to toe with suits. Cleaners go up and down the waiting area every 30 min mopping floors and sanitizing everything. There are over 600 dentists in Algadones. It is dental capital of the world as people come from all over to for dental work. Everything’s is state of the art never seen anything like it. Will never go to a dentist in the US ever again. And guess what they fill out the paper work to turn into your US insurance!

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A huge Yuman Indian casino is walking distance from the border there as well. It is always filled with Algadones dental patients as the hotel is huge and the trip to Yuma is only ten minutes away. The snowbirds flock in to Los Algadones in the winter like flies on poo as not only cheap dental care is available there.

They also do one day crowns, eyeglasses, minor surgery, phoney cancer treatment and questionable kidney filtering. You can also get a haircut, street tacos, cheap liquor and all of the very same krap sold on Rodeo Drive in RP at much lower prices. They have dozens of vendors with huge white ice chests full of camarones "fresco", slabs of so called "manta raya" and even some bloody chunks of Olive Ridley meat if your willing to take the chance sneaking it across the line.

My dentist here in Yuma makes a million bucks a year repairing the horrific dental work performed in Mehico.

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"There are over SIX HUNDRED DENTISTS in Algadones" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think there are even 600 people that live in Los Algadones Baja California Mexico.

I also think that maybe at a stretch you might find sixteen dental offices there and most of those "dentists" live in Yuma.

Seahorse, you must be an advertising agent for the City of Los Algadones.

You should make an appointment with the Rocky Point Times and Rocky Point 360 as they couldn't exist without the endless lying bullshit they publish in order to snooker ignorant tourists. Maybe they might give you a cut or finders fee when you actually convince someone to use the services they pitch.

They "turn into your US insurance" Wad-a-Sak-O-Shit as well, find and print for us here on the forum a single case where a USA insurance company paid for any kind of service in a TURD WORLD COUNTRY. Yer a freaking BOZO dude.



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Not only a dental bazaar, but along the river below the morales dam, there are the mexican fire brick refractories. These have the mesquite firewood,
water, and the mud clay straw for the fabrication. They are cheap and plentiful and you can buy by the pallet. Interesting to visit as well. Also numerous
organic farms are leased by american agriculture companies for various winter crops, although with the demise of the colo riiver flows from mead
that could be in jeopardy in the near future. Also be aware that the andrade border closes at 2PM. Some have been stuck to cross and have to get
to san luis or mexicali.