Do you bring meat across border?


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We have been coming down for the past 20 years and always bring meat to cook down with us. Some friends went down a few months ago and stated they had their meat confiscated after being waved at the secondary inspection. After researching I did see that it is forbidden.

My question is do you still cross with it ? We have been inspected a few times with no issues. Is this something they have been cracking down on? Thanks


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It's really hit or miss these days, after reading a few posts about meat being confiscated, we make sure meat goes into the bottom of a fully packed
ice chest with lots of ice in it. Sometimes we will just pull it out before the border and stuff it under the front seat and put something in front of it.
After we cross put it back into the ice chest a few miles down the road. We do buy meat in RP but they don't have great deli meats down there.


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Inspection for meat and plant products usually depends if the Ag. inspector is in duty when you get inspected. So yeah it is hit or miss.


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We used to bring out meat with us, hiding it like Brokenwave said. Then we figured out the meat in RP is really good. Steaks cut just the way you like them at Carniceria San Jose. pork and chicken from Super Ley. The chicken is way better than the steroid/antibiotic chicken from the US. And of course seafood from Sea Products.


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You will find thick cut smoked at Sam's periodically. Unfortunately not all the time. I buy a couple of packages, repackage them in smaller units and freeze them. Sams seems to have a difficult time keeping some products stocked.

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My meat story happened a few years ago. I thought I had hidden a package of hot dogs well enough but the inspector found them.
As he strolled off to the office with them I yelled, "Senior. You forgot the buns." I tossed him the package of buns and he smiled and gave me a wave and a gracias. From then on I hid stuff better.
When I used to live in Nogales, Mexico and work across the line in Arizona I bought quite a few packages of meat from Villa's Market in Nogales, AZ and drove it across back home to Nogales, Mexico. There was even a time I got the red light and the inspector didn't do anything with my steaks. He waved me through. I think Sonoyta enforces more than the other ports of entry. Or maybe Nogales port of entry was just very lenient or prioritizing bigger things like gun smuggling or car theft.


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We pack the motorhome to travel for 6 months. Some meat gets put in the bottom of the freezer and it might or might not get eaten before we cross. Never had the freezer taken apart looking for stuff at the bottom. If they look at all, it is a simple open the drawer and look.


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Last time through, I had maybe 1/8 pound of ham and an avocado, bought from Safeway, you'd have thought I had a pound of pot the way they reacted.

On another, but similar note, going down Friday and need a good butcher for rib eye steaks. Please help with a name and address.


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The place we go to is Carniceria San Jose. It is just south of the Burger King, maybe 1/4 mile, same side of Benito Juarez. It is orange & white & on the north end of a small strip mall. We got ribeyes there & they were great. They speak perfect English so don't worry about the Spanish. Everything is cut & trimmed when you order so they can be as thick as you like.


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I want to sincerely thank you for the info on the butcher. My wife and I are new to the RP scene. While we love the beach we are still working out the eats part. We shall check it out as we will be visiting in early Nov. Thank You