Do you have your own website?


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Don't host with GoDaddy or anyone else, support the people who run this forum (and a local AZ business!)

Sign up @

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hey Tyler I have,,,, and probably a few more that I host or hold with Go Daddy. Please give me an idea what it would cost to transfer. I dont use the godaddy interface hardly at all it is abusive in its mechanism. My sites are fairly static information pages and I dont track the number of hits since I dont sell ads on them. I am interested in working with you because of your link to RP Let me know, I think my renewals are September
tyler we are having a problem with our manana rv park site and can't seem to get it resolved. our lady who was running the place left 2 years ago nd you have her information and not mine please contact me 760 382 8422 George Bertrand thank you.


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I am the president of the Honeywell 4 wheelers and we need a new hosting site since Cox quit doing that. Can you send me prices or whatever we need to do? I can have my webmaster talk to you.

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Yes I have a website and I have a stablehost hosting for my website. I would;d like to say that stablehost is the best hosting company ever I used. My website consist in a big space and content only due to this hosting.

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Hi Stuart
I need to start a new web site. It is for my Wood Turning business and it needs to be easy for me to make changes on with pics and text. I would like for a viewer to be able to click a small pick that goes full page with the related text. At this time taking credit cards is no big deal.
Thoughts on a program I need and this sounds good.
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First you need a company to host your site eg: GoDaddy, Stable Host, etc.

Then you need to write the content of your site. You can design using the hosting company, but when I started, I didn't find it easy. Maybe things have changed since then. I use Yahoo sitebuilder, but I know that there are many other cheaper options out there. I found the drag-and-drop setup really easy to use. You can set up a shopping cart through them as well. You may want to pay someone to build it and maintain it. Depends if you want to make changes frequently or not, and cost, of course. I've also seen a company called Wix, which helps you design your site, along the lines of Yahoo sitebuilder. Never tried it though. I can send you my page to compare if you want. PM me.

Thirdly, you'll want to learn about SEO so your page shows up when someone searches for "wood turning", etc It's also something that might be worth hiring out for a few hundred bucks instead of starting at square one.

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Is this a hosting site only ??

If so what do I use to build my new site ??
I was under the idea that they supplied software to build my site
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