Does a Kodi box work in Mexico? Who is using what gadgets to get tv in PP?


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Just curious to know if a Kodi box works in PP. Can anyone recommend a tech savvy person in PP to help out. Not looking for anything with a monthly expense. But a small expense wouldn’t be the end of the world. Located in Las Conchas using Telmex. Netflix works fine with no buffering.


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Depends on the wires in the street apparently. Mine was horrible and they refused to repair the street, Telcel has a shitty signal and works about 80 percent of the time. Super slow on busy weekends. Can't stream. looking for a couple testimonials on the new fiber optic? Anyone?


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Well hold on to your shorts on keeping the older version of Infinitun coming on the wire. I was told yesterday at the Tel Mex office that the copper wires would be abandoned eventually. Makes sense to not maintain a poorly performing old tech system. I was told we would be up and running on fiberoptic in 3 days. That means tomorrow !! I am not clear on what happens inside the house after the cable gets there from the pole.