Double friggin' argh!!!!


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We got a late start (12:30) 'cause I had to go in to work 'til 11. We had 7 stops along the way picking up things for people. It was so windy that Li'l Missy would not tow the trailer more than 50 miles an hour. And the trailer was really heavy. The wind was blowing us all around and my fingers were numb from gripping the wheel. I was sooo worried about getting a red light... Yay, we didn't. On to Penasco, arriving about 6:30. Got the trailer unloaded and loaned it to a friend to use. Arrived at my trailer at 9. No outside lights and no fridge power. All dead. Argh....I didn't want either of us climbing up and down those steps in the dark so I unloaded the stuff from the Jeep and heaved it into the trailer and mom put it away. Some food, a drink, turn on the water and the hot water heater and off to bed. Get up in the morning, step down in the bathroom and soppy squish..... I look down and I could see the water..... It was soooo gross! I flew outside and turned off the water. Got the park handyman and he determined that where the clean water goes in to toilet had failed. He turned the water to the toilet off so we would have sinks and shower and went and got a shopvac. It's still wet.... We had planned on ripping it out and tiling anyway but on our own time.... Who needs carpet at the beach anyway? The porch lights and fridge was a ground fault interrupter. He showed me how to trip it for next time. Friday morning we went shopping at Super Ley and got charged 8 dollars for a package of Oscar Mayer ham lunchmeat. I was shocked. I don't really buy it, is that the regular price? Sat. morning we went to the community center and packed food bags. I drove past the center and had to turn around and I have been there 5 or 6 times. LOL! Too much stress, I reckon. I got to meet the G part of JGatthe sea. We delivered a fridge to a needy person after packing the food. I just love doing that! Then we went to the station and Rosie interviewed mom on Rocky Point Ramblings. She was funny. Went back to rest and we were out on the patio reading. All of a sudden, mom says, "I see drips coming from under the trailer..." You don't want to know what I said....They were coming from the water hose into the trailer and 2 spots on either side. I couldn't find the handyman until Sunday morning. It was studs and something else but they are fixed now. And it was only 20 bucks. Went to Latitudes to see my new Harley and bought 2 more tickets. It's for a good cause, Los Rolling Rockies, the wheelchair basketball team. Go over to facebook and like their page and buy some tickets! Only got 2 hours beach time the whole time I was there 'cause we were busy drying carpet... So today, we pack up and head home and the service engine light came on... Sigh...I did get my tater, tho.... Wait time at the border at 3 was 10 minutes with one lane open and 5 cars in front of us...What a weekend.....But some good came out of it!
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I was afraid you were going to tell us that when you got home you'd been burglarized due to having announced to the world you'd be away in Rocky Point over the weekend. Lots of people don't seem to think about that.

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It is amazing that you could keep your sense of humor - but then, that shouldn't surprise me at all. Some would lose their 'cool' but not our Ladyjeeper.

May your next trip down go perfectly for you and provide lots of beach time.