Down 6/15-18


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Just the wife and I. Another successful no red light entry, car in front of me got it.

Rented a house in Mirador, had a great time. Although almost got tangled up at Tekila bar with a youngster that couldn't hold is alcohol, or his mouth. Thankfully his dad was there and quickly put his reckless, punk ass in check before I did.

We visited La Curva several times, Capones, Combo Taco and Lucky's. There was lots going on on the Malecon Friday and Saturday. Water was awesome, light wind. No jellyfish that I saw. The tide schedule sucked though, high tide was like 6:00 am and midnight, which means it's mostly out during the day. The beach we went to is just east of Playa Del Oro, no crowd and very little vendors, but lots of exposed reef when the tide is out and going out.

Went to Cornejo Sunday morning after La Curva, I wanted to get a bunch of the white wedding cookies, turns out they don't make their full selection on a Sunday so I missed out.

Hit the border around 10:30 am, zero wait. Agent was very thorough with me, which isn't my typical experience. Didn't send me to secondary, but lots of questions and opening the back of the SUV to poke around. Scolded me for the amount of beer I was bringing back. I said I had about 15, he insisted it was closer to a case and getting close to the amount they tolerate. I counted them when I got home, there was 16.

All in all a great trip.

Stuck in AZ until late September for our next trip. Gonna be a long summer.


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FYI, Just in time for the upcoming 4th weekend.

Got a road condition report from my buddy who was down last weekend and he said the Sonyota to RP road has some nasty pot holes again going both directions.
Going south between km 25-30 and north around km 70 -75. He tore up a tire on his trailer going down.

Maybe they will get repaired before?