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"Easy there Turbo. They gotta finish it before you realize the gain."

Actually, you have to finish it, then SELL it and receive the money before you realize the gain!
Exactly! Then figure your profits if any

mariuta romana

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I believe that this project will be built to completion. But if someone asked me if they should buy now, I would advise them in the strongest terms possible to wait until it is completed. The risk is not worth it no matter what you think of the builder
100% agree with this, I lost 128K on Riviera Real and their condo model ( can visit it if want is still on north beach :) was even nicer then this will be). Key in Hand and Title then purchase should be a law in Mexico. Got to know all the 40 purchasing folks lost all their money met them all for years as we hoped to recover a penny really sad quite few distroyed lives. Not only did we not recover a penny we lost another 30K on legal fees trying to recover with no hope payed mexico lawyers and us lawyers .


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Very sad to say , your story Is far too common here. Millions were stolen during the boom years, not only by developers and sales people. Ask someone who has been around about O'Farrel. Add to your caution that you should pay all your fees direct, not through any closing agent, real estate agent, broker or so called Trust businesses. You can get the amounts from the Notario and they can tell you where to pay. I believe the law here now requires all purchase amounts to pass directly from buyer to seller.


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I have owned at SPA, Bella, and Las Palomas. All were finished and used but now I have gotten rid of all but one and will sell Bella and go to Havasu Getting too old for MX.