evicted from bella sirena part 2

head of security arrives with our room # five rooms total, some people are already asleep from our group. they said police would be called to escort us out, police arrives, they are very polite and tell us they are no there to evict us just to make sure nothing gets out of control. we try to reason with Daniel lopez dehasa ( head of security), but he wants us to leave. we ask if we can leave in the morning, 1030pm and we are not locals, he says NO..we ask him to kick out the responsible ones that broke the rules, and he says can't identify them so we all have to leave. we ask about the guest , that are sleeping, why them?? about the children that didn't do anything to deserve being evicted in the middle of the night....he doesn't care, we have to leave. we ask about our deposit , our remaining money for the xtra day, he says we have to come back tomorrow at nine to the office,. ignoring our plead not to evict us in the in the wee hours of the morning with children they do just that. its about 1 am when we get evicted from bella sirena, they put us and the children's lives in danger, not caring for our safety.some of us did nothing!!! didn't brake any rule and we were all evicted because we used one cc to make all the reservations I am 60 year old cancer patient who went to relax and enjoy myself, right????? bella sirena caters to the ppl with BIG MONEY that stay in the "casitas" if u are one of them...then they look the other way if u break a rule, not the commoners like us..that is what my first trip to pp was.my honest opinion??? they need to properlytrain their staff to take care of any situation. in the meantime the average tourist with no clout will pay the price. please share and repost so this does not happen to anyone else thank you.....