Fall Fashion Fiesta at Manny's


Lovin it in RP!
Save the date November 14th at Noon and join Naomi and I at her Fall Fashion Fiesta at Manny's Beach club. 3 local clothing designers and lots of models showing off clothing that is up-cycled, recycled, vintage and just plain cool.

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Lovin it in RP!
One week away from tomorrow! Join us for lunch at Manny's beach club at noon and the Fall Fashion Fiesta at 2:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday November 14 2018! It is fun even if you don't like fashion, food, or drink, or don't like Russ or Naomi.......it's still a blast! See you there!


Lovin it in RP!
The fall Fashion Fiesta was a great time!

These are all of the models and designers (3 were designers, Adri, Naomi and Dalia sitting in order in the front row)

Both of the littlest girls (Gwynn and Fedra) modeled for the first time and knocked it out of the park, Gwynn is 6 years old and wore the first dress that my wife made when she was 6, and Fedra is Dalia's daughter and she is eight and a super person! Both little girls are going to design their own fashion for next years event! I for one can't wait to see what they come up with.

Manny's beach club was just the right place to have this very large event (est between 275 and 320 people) the counts come from the waiters who also did a remarkable job in keeping service wait to almost zero time! The owners of the Manny's beach club were super to work with, they had a meeting with all the wait staff prior to the event to make sure all were working in harmony, they had about 20 waitstaff plus staff behind the bar and tons of kitchen staff as these ladies wanted to eat as well. At the end of the event and after WE finally ate dinner, some of the wait staff asked how they could help us and they jumped right in to help Naomi move and load her roving Fashion Store into the trailer. I am so impressed by the whole experience. And no! I have no financial interest in Manny's Beach Club their affiliates other than bringing events!

Kudos to Manny's, the designers, and the models for a successful event!

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