First time to Asia... super excited!!

Nikki Brian

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I’m planning for a short honeymoon trip to Kerala, India in December. I have talked with Tripdayz about this and I’m planning to go in their short honeymoon trip package. This is the first time I’m using some packages for travelling. Has anyone here used any kind of packages? How was your experience? I need to make my final decision, so I need your advice. Is there any need to book hotels or resort in advance? Since December is a good season and everyone will be travelling, I think if we don’t book now it will be difficult at the last moment. Thanks for your time!!


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When ever I go to a foreign country or someplace I haven't been to, I always book a package. It takes the mystery out of it. I even do package to Cancun even though I been there ten times. I have never had a problem but I have met people that hated the resort they picked and had to bail out. Just like Penasco, mold can be a problem. We meet a couple that had booked thru a tour group and the mold was so bad, he had trouble breathing. The 2nd day they got moved to Sun Palace at no additional charge.


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I been there, I wouldn't take the package. It's over priced. I been to India 50+ times for work. You get a driver from the hotel available 24/7 for 150$ a week. They will take you every where. Any questions, just pm me.