Fishing Derby


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I was out in Cholla Bay this weekend and saw a flyer for an upcoming fishing derby for the cholla bay sportsmen's club. Anyone know anything about this. It says it's the 57th annual derby. How come I have never heard of this, is it a private fishing club or can anyone join?


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I don't know all the details, but in the past, it's been open to anyone. Fill out a registration and pay the entry fee. They typically do it in phases, not just a single day tournament thing. And, it's not based on single biggest fish -- based on largest of specific species, like largest yellowtail, largest snapper, etc. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I think grouper and black seabass are excluded from the derby. Just what I recall about it off the top of my head.


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If you go to the radio room just west of JJs that is where the derby is centered. Should be able to get all the info there. Usually 3 different days during the year. And then the biggest fish wins. Different catagories like Stuart said, shore fishing, boat fishing. Different species. at the end of it all they do a fish fry at the old boys social club. We have been the last 4 years, its a fun time.