Fishing is Fun


Aye carumba!!!
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Fishing IS fun! And often funny! To this day, I still laugh every time I think about the day we got into a bunch of giant Humboldts off Rocky Point. I kept telling one guy not to reel it to the surface, keep it a few feet down until I could gaff it. Did he listen? Of course not. Reels it right up and is leaning over "WOW! Look at thing!" and SPLUSH! Jets him and soaks him from head to toe! I'm nearly falling on the deck I'm laughing so hard! So, we get a few of these in the boat and they're all angry and huffing and puffing and flashing through color changes and what does the same guy do? Has to poke at 'em up close. I tell him "Hey, leave those things alone, they're angry as hell!" Again, does he listen? Nope. Humboldt now inks him with a direct shot to the head and chest!

Some people just ... don't ... listen. :killin: