Flooded roads


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Hey Beverly! Unless we hear something discouraging (like more rain), we'll be risking it as well. I'm pretty confident, based on a couple factors. First, on another thread yesterday, Roberto said:
The Caborca road is open at least as far as the Mayan. The water flow across the highway has continued from day to day at various levels. Have friends who golf the Mayan daily who reported this so it is accurate. Have not seen anything about road conditions further South. The road to Encanto is still closed.

So while the wash(es) on Caborca Road may still be running, they've been passable.

Secondly, if the Miramar / Dorada Road is still closed off (cones at entrance near Caborca Road), we will assume that Mayan Palace is still granting access (as they were when we left a couple weeks ago). That would require entrance at Mayan . . . . head toward main facility to get access at the service entrance / exit to the east end of the Miramar / Dorada Road. That portion of road is navigable westward all the way to the Dorada entrance.