Food restriction after teeth whitening?


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What are the foods to be avoided after teeth whitening? I have severe stains on my teeth due to drinking of tea, coffee, and red wine. It's my elder sister's marriage and my mom is compelling me to get rid of those stains. I thought of getting crest white strips but my mom asked me to get it done from any dental care service in Toronto. I just want to know it's exact cost. I have heard about activated charcoal, how effective is it? After getting a professional teeth whitening can I use activated charcoal to maintain the whiteness of my teeth? So there won't be any need for me to stop having foods that cause stains. What do you think about it?


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I wonder if all of these Canadian dental posts with the links are coming from the same IP address? It would be a good idea to ban these guys before somebody accidentally clicks on the link and gets a big surprise.